Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)


sarNie Oldmaid
ep.17 pinky look so pretty in the princess clothes. the prince is handsome. want her to end up with the prince lol..they make a pretty couple. the scene he was mad and force kiss her remind me of those jealous pra'ek. for a minute i was imagining the prince as pra'ek.hahah. would be nice to see the prince as pra'ek with pinky in a new la korn. ah next episode will end already. hope wung narm karng will air soon.


sarNie Elites
yeah..sometimes...previews tend to be a little deceptive... i don't think she'll die too...but itseems like such an intense ending... I CAN'T WAIT!!! when will 18 air? this week or next week???


sarNie Elites
AHHH!!! WATCHING ENDING RIGHT NOW!!! it's sooo good so far...

be back when i finished it... ciao!

[EDIT: GREAT ENDING!!! watching this lakorn...i can really feel the love between the pra'nang... it has been so long since i've seen a lakorn that made me super giddy and over obsessed to finish it in one night!!!

i do hope they get paired up again in the future...they have an amazing chemistry together and New/Pinky have become one of my favorite on-screen couples!!!
I don't like the ending.
Not the ending episode, but the ending...It was so....stupid.
I donno, I mean it's a happy ending, but I don't like it.
There were better ways to end this lakorn.
Disappointing LOL.


sarNie Adult
The ending was okay. Wish'd it was longer
and had more sweet scenes! but yeah. other
than that I totally adored this lakorn. HOpe
new and pinky will pair up again in the future!
they totally match!


sarNie Oldmaid
it was a sweet ending between warin+nawee. ratsamee+saichon was so cute too. i like that it end at the tree area because tire of most la korns ending at the beach or on concert stage when it's a musical la korn. was so funny when saichon dress up as a girl lol.. i was wondering who will be the next ruler of wiengsing and turn out saichon look-a-like princess hahah. miss Pinky already want to see wnk and wwhj soon. but read from pinkyclub wnk will air next time slot, yay! can't wait!