johnny efrone adn his wife


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Yeah they really look good together, i remember watching lakorns where the both were the main actors, you could feel the chemistry...

They really make a nice couple and i'm glad to see that they are still strong and together :p


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Beautiful family! The little boy is gonna break a lot of hearts when he grows up! He's got his daddy's smile!

By the Johnny Mixed? Thai & English?


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i'll be a old hag by the time their son grows up to be a pra'ek... maybe my future daugthers will fall for him....LOL

Mara Phang

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HuabNag said:
Can someone please name the lakorn they played together? Appreciate your times.

The lakorns they starred together were called Rolok Cheevit and Pleurng Ruk Pleurng Ken. They were both very interesting.