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KARA is the new girl group from DSP entertainment.
They debut the 07/03/29 with their song Break It from their first album The First Blooming.​

Name : Park Gyuri
Birth : May 21, 1988
Blood Type : AB
Role in KARA : Leader
Educational Background : Currently attending Dongduk Woman's University (Entertainment field. Theatrical Broadcasting Major)

Name : Han Seung Yeon
Birth : July 24, 1988
Blood Type : A
Role in KARA : Vocals
Educational Background : Graduated from Tenafly High School (New Jersey)

Name : Kim Sung Hee
Birth : May 17, 1989
Blood Type : B
Role in KARA : Lead Vocals
Educational Background : Currently attending GooJung Highschool (Choi Siwon of Super Junior also attended here)

Name : Jung Nicole
Birth : October 7, 1991
Blood Type : A
Role in KARA : Vocals, Rapper
Educational Background : Currently attending Global Christian School
Location : California, USA​


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wah!! they finally have their own thread!! (I was too lazy to make one)..thank you!!!!!!

their songs are good and their cute!!! I LOVE Break It!!!


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Kara is a very nice groups....there Entertainment business should have invested more time on them but anyways...they're actually looking for two new members because Kim Sung Hee left...I hope she comes back because she has a very very pretty and unique voice...


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Yeah ! When I learnt that Sung Hee had left the group I was very sad because she was my favorite member...and until now I can't accept her departure.
I trully hope that the new KARA will be good !
I am waiting for their come back since so long.


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aww sung hee is my favorite too and she left that sad but hope the new kara will be good too


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I find that they are better singer than Wonder Girls & SNSD (and in live they are the best) but they are not so good dancers and their songs are less catchy and comercial than the two other groups.
That is why they are not so popular.

I am so happy because they will come back soon !
I have waited for that since a year and now just need to wait until mid-july.
Hope this time DSP will promote them better because KARA deserve it !


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No Kidding. I am starting love this group so much now. I love Mister the most. I could not stop laughing when I notice that Japanese actors are dancing to Mister. GO KARA! GO AND GET ANOTHER PLATINUM! :clap: