sarNie Oldmaid
okay i guess i'll post up my pichas once i get prettier like Noy or u other girls
but in the mean while i just want to share 2 pichas of my b-day cakes

-tis was the main cake..my sista bought me tis one

-my best friend baked and decorated tis cake for me..isn't it beauitful? omfg..i didn't even want
to eat it becuz it was so prettie..but i did..and it tasted so good...because it was "made
with love" :wub:


sarNie Oldmaid
Sorry i'm a bit late but i've been busy late i just want to thank those who wished me a happie 18th b-day!

Noy :wub:
Daimend :kiss:
So :spin:
bellefire :wub:
emilie :kiss:

and anyone else i might have missed..thank you all :kiss:


Oh them cakes looks delicious! That was so nice of your best friend to baked you the cake!

Happy B-lated Birthday Kashie


Just plain obsessed
That second cake looks real good...I need to learn how to do that...

That strawberry one is very Asian, looks like the kind of cake my family likes to buy


Awee Kashie... no pictures of your purdy face :lmao:
You are welcome for the birthday wish hunn :kiss:
The cake looks delicious... :drool:
Sharing is caring... :D hehe


Awee Kashie... no pictures of your purdy face :lmao:

keep hidin'... :D

anyways, with cakes... i bet you had nice party ^_^.... my birthday was sucks XD -_- well, its kinda bit happy and bit of sad though... lol XD since my friend held her farewell party during my birthday. T_T

your most welcome dear ^_^ have a good party this x-mas... LOL :kiss:


sarNie Oldmaid
bd cake looks delicious..makes me wanna eat some right now..and its like really really early in the morning.. ^_^ jai rao is bout to air..gosh but its the epi that i told So i will skip too...i dont wanna kill my monitor! :lol: