Kat's Artwork


sarNie Oldmaid
MISS YA TOO Julie :p

thanks for your comments new posters... but for the same FF but different actorr

^^ Ian Somerhalder is darn HOTTT! :spicy:
Wow, a hot posters. I wish the man was Mark. haha Btw Min banners are so cute! Love all of them. Nice colors too.

Kat, can I use Jui's banner?


Thank you for the comments <3
@Prisna: sorry for the late reply not been in here for ages lol. you can use it if you still want to i don't mind ^_^

Heres something i did today ^_^ its a maybe new FF basedlol... but i'll see i have major writerblock ATM lool of the
Based on my favorite Book same name by Emily Giffin.


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG that poster of That one Summer is hot. and your new poster is pretty. I love how you did the slip photo the top and bottom.


sarNie Granny
beautiful poster. I'm not really a reader, but I might give the book a shot...the title totally hooked me.

I just watched the trailer!!! I actually want to see it, it looks so cute and I really like the guys in there...especially John Krasinski!


^^ You should read the book ^_^ its really good everyone can relate to rachel a little bit... saw the trailer too, i hope its good and doesn't kill the book lool but can already see little changes that arent in the book like John Krasinski who will play ethan doesn't even live in the New York But lives in london LOOL


sarNie Adult
Oooh; I Love them, <3 Oooh; Ian & Mint? HOTTIE IAN,;D
Love your new posters too, it gives you a sketchy feeling,


Kat, Miss your artworks! And loving the new updates! I've still yet need to start on Mint & Ian's ff. Heehee.


Thank you for your comments here an new one.

it should have been me revising :whistle: but i can only take so much in one day -_-