Kim can be whoever she wants


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It's just a term people use loosely...I use it all the time with hot men who are gay. I mean nothing by it.

Cupid Candy

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It could be just 2 friends going out. I hold hands with my gal pals and people think we're lesbians. Its a waste of time trying to explain to ignorant people, the thai media probably just want to start random shit. The pics looks like a friendly day out between friends, not lovers.


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ohhh mann :/ even though I wont ever have a chance with her, this makes me sad haha. Wow shes only 19?!?!?


I just want to see her in new lakorns. She's one of the few new actresses I actually enjoy watching.


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Off topic. I was watching "Yok lai mek" Janie n Rome lakorn. Kim was a cameo in there. She was one of the model when they have the fashion show on the jewelry. She cute. Love the jewelry she's wearing off course the sunflower set she's wearing. The media sometime goes to far


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
i's a waste for the guys that like her? that is, if this is even true. and you're right, it's not a waste if that's what an individual chooses for her/himself. it's their life and it's worth it to them.
pretty much all romantic rumors in entertainment business are just for ...entertainment 0_0