Koo Kam


sarNie Adult
I saw the old version a longgg time ago but I can barely remember it. I just finished watching the remake w/Benz & Num like 20 minutes ago and I gotta say that I love their chemistry together. It was kinda draggy in the beginning but the ending was soooo SAD!! I couldn't stop crying lol.. The only thing I hated was how Ungsumalin was so jai kaeng towards Kobori until the very end. But besides that, I LOVED THIS LAKORN!! It was such a beautiful love story between two people... I loved Kobori cause he was so honorable & patient.. Anyways, did anyone else enjoy this as much as I did? lol


i never saw the old version, but i saw the version that num and benz were in it a couple years ago. i agreew / u. i love their chemistry together too, and the ending was soo sad. this was one of sornrams lakorn that i like the most. when i first started watching this lakorn i though benz was rinlanee, becuz it's my first time seeing benz. i was hoping to go borrow koo kam 2. but i always forgot, becuz i'm still busy watching some other lakorn.i can't dl from sarnwold becuz it takes forever for my computer to download stuff.


sarNie Adult
i love this lakorn...it was so good p'num carry out the role really well he was so hot too, i love the ending benz made me cry watching this lakorn...the ending was sad, benz can really cry i just love this lakorn hope to see this couple star in a new lakorn soon


sarNie Juvenile
I love this lakorn also. both old and new version is good. especially num he done really good job. I began to love this couple more and more after koo kum. I hope they will have lakorn together soon.