Koo Kam


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lol .. i could never get sick of all koogum remake.
but my favorite have to be the one with kwan/bird as well as the movie with jintara and that dude.Lol

anyway, i too think num and benz did a good job her, i feel benz's acting as angsumalin than num being kobori .. could be his japanese accent that i can't stand. Lol ..
aside from that, he did make me cry along with him and benz -- and their cute moments are just cute .. just too bad, he was not that tough like bird was in the kwan/bird version.


sarNie Egg
I love Num Sornram in this Koo Kam. He's just so good....he's the best and always will be :)
He made me cry like hell...the part when he was dying...he's soooooooo good with his acting!!