Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)


Aww darn why Cee with Fai? Why not me with him? Just kidding. They should totally switch the pairing around to be Cee with Tangmo and Vee with Fai but its alright Cee's cute enough to distract us from Vee lol. Thanks Tubby and Noiki for sharing the pleasant news with us!


sarNie Adult
I am so mad <_< . How can they do this to Cee?Isn't he popular himself. and after KF I thought that he would have better roles but from that to this?! And supporting to Vee :angry:

I'm not watching this -_-


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lol, Ana, somehow I think you're gonna end up watching this...lol...I'll watch it for Cee, Fai, and Tangmo....


sarNie OldFart
Fai is pretty but Cee and her just don't suit each other forreals! Cee should get with Tangmo instead! This sukcs!


sarNie Adult
omg mo mo mo, but why with vee not that i hate him i do sometime watch his lakorn, but when cee and mo are in the same lakorn they should pair up together. i'll watch it for mo and cee.


sarNie Adult
YAY! another Cee lakorn! :yahoo: :wub:

Yeah, I prefer Cee and TangMo too lol ;)

But that SUCKS! Why is he supporting?!?!?!?!? They need him to make him lead again before he loses it -_-


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I was pretty mad yesterday. But now I'm over it. And of course I'm gonna watch it regardless :rolleyes: For Cee-Mo :p


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YAY.. MO.. N'EK .. YAY.. im so happy.. but ahhh.. why vee if cee is in here.. switch switch.. argh oh well..
^^ Totally. Gosh no one even LIKES Vee that much anyway <_< Feel bad for Cee. I mean I thought he accepted KF only because he wanted to kick ass 555+ I don't get it, what is wrong? I mean, seriously! Vee vs. Cee. Who would most people choose?



sarNie Adult
We in the states don't like Vee but in Thailand he must be popular to still be getting lakorn eventhough he can't act


sarNie Oldmaid
in france we don't like vee too, but in thailand people should love him since he has so many lakorns!


sarNie Adult
LOL!! Vee is very popular in Thailand. People can turn a blind eye to his acting :lol:

I was chatting w/Cee fan @ his forum and she say if nothing changes this lakorn might air after one of the on-air lakorns right now :p :yahoo:


sarNie Adult
Ooh, Cee looks good in here. :D I like all the pics, beside the sweater one. :lol:
Urgh! He should be lead p'ek! <_<