La-ong Dao(Scenario)


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I loved the ending!! :D This week's eps. were awesome, so intense! I cried at the scene when the grandma found out La ong Dao was her granddaughter. After 25 yrs. she finally found her heir. It was cute at the end when Kong and Aom saw 2 kids like them when they were little, the boy teasing the girl and the girl crying. And it ended as they were hugging. How sweet! :kiss:


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huh: It ended yet!! :huh: Woaw I didn't know at all. Man i'm slow only watch up to epi 20! I have to go watch the end!!! :arrg:
Oh and you're welcom hubanag!!


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Bunnii.....HAHAH you mean you only upload not watching.....welcome to the club...i need to finish this weekend.... :lol: :lol: :lol:


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I started crying with the grandma when it was revealed Dao was her long lost grand daughter .. I feel so girl now :wub:

This was my 4000th post woOt hahah LOL =p


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the part where i started crying was towards the ending when Aom was rushing to the temple where Kong was at... the music being played with the acting....just very touching....

also...the part where Aom thought Kong became a monk....sooooo sad.....i really thought he did too....


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I think the fans would have raised hell if Kong became a monk at the end. Don't remember how the old version ended but this one was pretty sweet! :yahoo:


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in the old version it end were Laondao goes find P'ek --- which at the bridge somewhere and they make up and she kiss him several time :blush: -- i haven't seen this verison yet but from reading all the comment it seen interesting den the Siruim & Woot version cuz the old one was kind of boring


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^^^ The new version is more interesting to me. However, it did starts to drag about the same spots as the original. Still haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet. Planning to do so this week!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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yeah.. i think they dragged the part when Coco and LDao saying stupid things to each other a bit too much. i ffwd disc 7 and half of disc 8 [ending]. but the ending's still sweet... i want more.. but it's ok.. haha blah.


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Since i've heard that Aom and Kong both like Eric's gotta have great chemistry!