Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)


sarNie Juvenile
cant wait till noon and au meets each other! for some reason, i think noon looks much older in this lakorn. anywho, the lakorn is good so far. :)


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i like today's episode..lovign NOON'S character..he's brother speak my funny that he don't even care what his father said..he'll make sure and prove it to his dad that kay is out for his dad money..

anyway..i hope Noon find out the reason why AU's act this way..


sarNie Elites
Maaaaai is so cutiiiez in this lakornnn =) :wub:


sarNie Juvenile
i'd like to add to my previous comment...noon looks older and so much more funner in this lakorn! i'm loving her character, especially in episode 3!


sarNie Juvenile
yea i think noon looks good with most of her co workers actualy.

I think its because shes filming so many lakorns at the moment so she looks tired or shes getting old lolz.


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0_o uh-oh i think kay and ploy are related. in episode 6 her father is happy about "kay" getting married. i bet they are half-sisters. guess i'll be reading the summaries sooner than i thought LOL.


sarNie Hatchling
i hate that it is soo short..only 40 minutes. does anyone know that time slot for this? i havent been able to catch it i m behind on whats going on. can someone give a summary?


sarNie Juvenile
They're both starting to catch each other's eyes in a not-so friendly way now! :wub: The pool scene was short but imo, it was the "turning" point in the way they both feel. And the look at the Noon's so much more kiddish in this lakorn, from the way she talks to the way she runs, even. :lol: Au's character is growing on me. Good songs, good plot, good actors/actresses...just GOOD.