Marduk Madness


Sarnie Clown!'re hilarious. You sound just like Muddie. Keep it up and I'll add you to my crush list.

As for d, hell yeah it's on Darv's boobs. I love boobies so my hand always has to be around the area. Maybe I'll post more pics like that.


Sarnie Clown!
Hmm, it's been a while since I shared the pics I took while in SE Asia. I actually meant to do a series but I never got around to it. I still had more pics from Cambodia and I didn't get to finish that series so I'm doing it now. These next couple of pics are from Siem Reap, the city closes to the old kingdom of Angkor and where Angkor Wat is located. It's also interesting to note that Siem Reap means "Siam defeated" in Khmer.

The Kingdom of Angkor has four main gates facing each of the cardinal positions on the compass. I think I have pics of the North and East Gate, but I can't remember.

Come to think of it, maybe I did make it to all the gates.

These next couple of pics are of Angkor Wat, the national symbol of Cambodia.



Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Wuah, Cambodia is very pretty! LOLs. So cool.
I want to go visit there! Marduk, how much was
your plane ticket?! I need to save up! Ha, ha.


Sarnie Clown!
I remember buying the plane ticket from for about 1300 round trip to BKK from LA. I bought a separate ticket from SD to LA. Anyway, here are some more pics.

This is the famous tree of the place where they filmed Tomb Raider.

I thought this was a river at first, but then realized it was a moat built by the Khmers back in the day. Look how huge it is. It's so amazing. It must've taken forever to dig.

The next couple of pics are of my favorite structure in Angkor. It's of Bayon.

And finally, I have to show pics of the road to the temples and also of my "friends."



Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Ahh!! The tree!! So awesome!!
I like the tree. Take me there
one day, Marduk. LOLs. You
should have a concert there.
Ha, ha. I'll support you!!
Nice pictures, I like the moat
too. It's so pretty!!!


Sarnie Clown!
I posted pics a while back of my room as I was moving out. After months, I finally got the rest of the pics out of my camera. I now want to pay homage to my old room...

It was great living there for two years. I hope you're as good to your new tenant as you were to me. Peace homey.

Also, here are some more pics from that day I moved out.

My bookcase as I get ready to clear it.

Books I donated cause I couldn't possibly take them with me.

My corner of crap stuff I didn't have a box to put in

This is the saddest pic of them all. My cool, awesome, amazing yellow couch used to be there.

Nighttime and I pretty much was almost out of there. Goodbye room...


Sarnie Clown!
I also want to show pics of the house I shared with my friends at school.

Living room

That's my sweet ass bike by the staircase

Where I am King (other than SW)

Third floor kitchen...where I do my um.."cooking"

Hallway to my room

Third floor living room

My friend's room. He lives a drunk life.


I really like that tree! How does it grow like that? ^_^

Anyway, 1300 roundtrip?!! That is so inexpensive! I must've paid $2000+ roundtrip from east coast to BKK. :blink:


Sarnie Clown!
I really like that tree! How does it grow like that? ^_^

Anyway, 1300 roundtrip?!! That is so inexpensive! I must've paid $2000+ roundtrip from east coast to BKK. :blink:
Ahh, it's been a while. Sorry I haven't responded. But yah, I got the ticket from But then again, I got it really really early.

As for for Chewy, I read probably 3/4 of the book. I got the idea to read it from Pa because she was telling me how hmong people still go to witch doctors for cure.

Anyway, I have some pics I want to show of my sis. I haven't seen her for a couple of years, but we still talk often. I can't believe she's 16. I saw her pics on myspace and saw a pic of her kissing her bf. I dunno man. I know I told her it's cool as long as he treats her well, but he seriously looks like a tool (btw, I hope my sister never reads this cause she'll be pissed I call him a tool).

This pic kinda threw me for a bit, but I guess she's old now. I dunno, I just always saw her as the 9-year old who used to cry when me and my brother get in a fight.

I seriously think he looks like a tool. He's 20 and she's 16. But hey, I'm trying to be the "cool" brother and not be like my dad. There's no way I'm letting Tony be the cooler brother.

This is my sister with her friend. She really is the sweetest out of all of us. With the same mom and dad, there were four of us total. Two girls, two boys. And Anna always was the nicest out of all of us. She used to cry over everything.

Ahh, maybe I should've include this in the blog section and not here. Oh well. Also, I need to swing by Florida soon and do my brotherly duties.


Marduk why are you exposing your own sister kissing with a dude? But damn he's 20 and she's only 16? Hopefully they don't do anything against the law. Tell her to be safe you know, better to be safe than sorry.


sarNie Hatchling
DAMN pumbaa! what have you done with your place?! gosh always leave it up for timon to clean up after you ey? you bad bad boar...haha! anyway you went to laos last summer? my mom just went there like last dec. :D and your baby pics...OMG..i remember seeing those..haha!


sarNie Adult
duuude ur younger sis is a HOTTIE GALAWDIE and so is her bf. now stop plastering their personal foto everywhere jeez, especially without her knowledge, try that for a start, if ur looking to be the "COOL" older brother. it's call respect her privacy. tho it's on myspace, u don't have to toss it out there to the world with the kissing foto man. can't wait till she finds out and beat up ur ass.

but i dunno about u being the cooler brother, u dont' seem to have that "cool" thing in u. good luck anyhow.


Sarnie Clown!
Both D and Nai are right. I shouldn't be posting her private life. But I'm keeping the other pic up cause I still want to show off my awesome little sis.


sarNie Egg
aw craaaap.......i missed out on the steamy kiss in Harry Potter and now I miss out on it on sarnworld.......such bad timing mang


aw... your sister is so adorable! I can see the resemblance. I guess I can understand how you feel about your little sister. My baby brother started dating about 3 years ago, and to this day, I still want to have a legal rifle around. ^_^ The girls are descent but thinking of shooting them off is kind of a reflex thing for me. I hope you're a much better older sibling than I am.