Matt Peranee Plans to Leave the Entertainment Industry to Start Her Own Family When She Turns 28


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phatman said:
True true. Fine you win. Haha.

However, for me, I'm able to
tolerate actresses who do poorly in drama better than actresses who do poorly in comedy. From what I've seen thus far only. Haha. I mean I can't tolerate bad acting, but between the two I think I can tolerate bad dramatic acting more than bad comedic acting. Hehe.
I think it's based on preference. My favorite genre is drama so I can't tolerate bad acting for dramatic lakorns. I abandoned Weir in RLSL because he was confused most of the time. Even he said he was confused and didn't know how to portray his character. Daravdo's production is just overall bad because even their director couldn't guide Weir, who's a pretty good actor. Drama is a serious genre. If I can't take your acting seriously, I won't watch you just like how they made Sake and Kongpope in LR & RLSR 2015 funny instead of serious. With comedy, I'm more lenient because it's comedy. If they're bad at comedy, maybe it's their way of being funny? Lol. In the end, their bad acting can still make me laugh at them so it's still comedy to me. Haha. 


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I think the girls who can do comedy are the ones in the evening lakorns. Like Pat, Sara Legge, Gunjae-Sal, Fon, & others...
They aren't afraid to look silly & go all out. + Pat & Sara can do drama pretty well too.


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No No No No No No NO NO NO.. She cannot do this to us :( Slowing down is ok. I will be sad if she does but don't leave us MATT :( I need more GreatMatt onscreen so I hope this is not true. 


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I think the way she answered the questions was just how she felt at the moment and what her goal plan was for the future. But like she said, nothing is for sure and things may change. It's just one of those questions a lot of daras gets asked all the time especially when they've been dating their significant other for so long.


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When you are in limelight, even you fart will make the news. Take everything with a grain of salt for JMatt for a while.


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Oh... I love Matt, but I respect her opinions if she wishes to retire in the near future. I just love how dedicated she is in all her roles, and it definitely shows! I just wish her the best in everything she does~~~

Thanks for the translations Mahalo!


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Matt is the best actress out there right now in the younger generation. If she retires than I don't see anyone else who is the perfect Jao Ying of the ET. I'm very sad right now but hoefully time changes her mind because she is needed. But this year. We will see her onscreen a lot because she has three lakorns.


lets be happy and enjoy the moment, not often do we find an actress that has good quality inside and outside of the ET industry. it's great to know that she's wanting to start a family soon, she's not getting any younger you know. it's her decision whether to stay or leave, as long as she's happy, we should be happy and support her decision :) #TeamMATT


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As much as I dislike the idea of Matt leaving, I understand her point of view. The entertainment industry is rough. Being a celebrity comes with a cost. Celebrities don't get to live the private life like we do. Everything that is done or said makes the news.
I think Matt may be a little tired of the paparazzi. She's been in the industry since she was young. It must be very annoying to know you have no freedom to do whatever you want. But that's the cost of fame.
I personally have a feeling Matt won't be leaving the industry anytime soon. If she is going to 100% leave, it's probably is going to be past two years from now. She could just be a little worn down and tired. She's just rising and maybe she wasn't ready for the extreme pressure. 
Whatever she decides, I will still support her till the very end. #TEAMMATT


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I actually applaud Matt. She's not lost in fame and fortune. She's well balanced. It's extremely hard for people to let go and live a normal life after a taste of limelight. Whatever she decides, I hope she's happy and lives well.


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She works hard to get to where she's today, then the girl thinks about leaving lol. She's like the opposite of most, when her fame goes up she wants to leave. I guess, it can be said, she might as well leave on a good note.


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Considering someone like myself who knew about the Lakorn industry 4 years ago, but didn't properly get into the industry until some 2 years ago. I feel Ch3 is going to lose some really talented actress if Matt quits in 2 years. Apart from how awesomely well she nails her roles, I just love her sassiness. She is the only actress who comfortably exudes that, without it looking forced or fake. Well Chompoo has some sassiness going on also, but not has impressive as Matt^^
*clears throat* if she gets together *coughs* with Great off-screen I might consider her proposal lol!! Just kidding, it's pretty good that she has a plan set for herself^^ Whatever her plan is, provided she's happy and doing well, then awesome!!!
BTW, I saw a photo of herself and her BF in the Netherlands and they look so good together XDD
One more thing, before she leaves I need her to star along side Ken Theeradej, that is ALL I ask for :D


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I was hoping her fame will bloom to the top . Hopefully it does and hopefully she'll want to stay cause of it.


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I hope someone asks her what head space she is in now, she is turning 28 this year so I would assume things are already starting to roll around in her mind. I'm just thankful we have YWCFTS remake happening, cause that's a sign she's still very much staying but from here on out who knows.
That being said another one of my fave actresses had told people she planned to quit at 30, she's now 32 and is very much still doing films (if she had quit at 30, she wouldn't have won a whole bunch of awards last year for her career best performance til date lol)