Midnight Lover


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ceci, love ur fan fic poster...so hot..i also got the wwhj fever...

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well, first it was Namtan Mai that i want to focus on but it end up disappointing , got me all depress & mad at the producer , therefore i lost the will to write anything :lol: , then when i finally found peach at the temple and decided to write again , Nampueng Kom came along & stole my heart away , I couldn't focus on any fiction story ! But now i decided to write another fiction about an older man w/ younger girl , just becuz i can't get enough of NK !


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^haha. you start and you didn't end when you know, i'm waiting here in thirst, waiting for them blood taste.
you are so bad -- Lol .. but i can't wait for NK -- so looking forward to a new genre of love story :wub:


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Hey, im an silent reader in all of ur stories
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around your stories but i know im being an a** asking u this
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i will be updating this week , i was ...lost in the maze for a while you see , but now im back :wub:


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Ch 6

It had been three days since she last saw Lucus and she cant seem to get him out of her conscience. There was night she thought about going into the deep wood and explore the forbidden lake again, in hope of meeting him but her conscience and self-restrain prohibited her. What kind of well respected woman would goes out in the middle of the night to seek a man? She might be a vampire but the Nahwadees family is well known in the social circle and it had been her grandma best interest to avoid any scandals, just the rumor of them being vampire is enough for people to talk for century , therefore she must maintain a good image but her rebellious behavior was beginning to crumble each day . What is it about this stranger? She had never felt so drawn to man this strongly before and it frighten her to death to imagine what would happen if she was to be alone with him. It seems as if he cast a spell to bind her to him.

Jade! her grandma whisper furiously.

Yes! she exit from her thought and focus on her grandma , who was sitting on the sofa across from her .

Have you found anyone interesting?

Yes? You mean at the social gather? Iuhno grandma she lower her lashes as heat burn her cheek.

Ms.Nawahdee narrows her gaze, Then why not look at me straight in the eye

Jade lift her face and smile uneasily, Is that better?

Its that man you dance with isnt it?

No , of course not ! she protest all too quickly than she wanted too , her grandma sat back on the sofa and fan herself . At eighty-seven, Ms. Nahwadee was still physically fit and age beautifully, all vampire possess this fountain of youth , though they can still die of old age and sickness but for the most part if they kept a steady diet they can out live human by 20 years. Her son, Jades father is 63 years old while his human wife is only 47, the couple are a perfect match without a slight hint of age gap.

Do you know anything about him? Ms.Nawahdee asked suspiciously

II just know his name is Lucus

Stay away from him said Ms.Nawahdee

Is there something wrong? her expression worry.

Your brother had told me a couple things about him .Yesterday, I had done some investigating by talking to several people and I dont like what I found out. He came from a savage land and his people are barbaric. In the future, avoid him if possible

But were vampire and --- she said abruptly and then regret it, the shoot of anger from the old ladys eye silent her immediately .

We do not harm human! There is a difference! Ms. Nawahdee scorned .

I-Im sorry grandma she apology

Ms. Nawahdee held herself firmly, wary of the way her granddaughter seen uneasy and stressed . Us vampire take only enough to live and cause no harm to the individual in the process but these Tiberian practice human sacrifice and eat raw meat. They worship the underworld and mate within their own family , had you ever heard of sibling marring each other ? Those people practice incest within their tribe as well. That man is an omen . This will be the last time I invite such people to my mansion .

Jade was utterly shock and speechless , horrify by the image . She nodded in a weary gesture and excuse herself from the room. All the servants from the West Wing came rushing in one by one and gather themselves in a straight line before Ms. Nawahdee. Jade turn to observe the scene , there are over 30 servant living in the mansion and nearly all of them had been in the family for generations , their kids and grandkids serve the Nawahdee dutifully, therefore their master vampire state does not frighten them nor will they tell anyone of their masters secret .

I want everyone to be caution and on alert of any intruder at night fall. Any suspicious sighting report to me immediately.

There was more instruction that was given out but Jade didnt stay to hear the whole thing and decided to return to her bed chamber . The servant had just left a glass of blood by the lamp table , it was time for her afternoon meal and the sight of it make her sigh . Father had once said Blood meal is a pleasure that all vampire crave for which by far is an understatement , she drink it everyday and find it plain . Perhaps because its fish blood and not human . She was told , when she was an infant , mother had feed her fish blood and was able to live on it without any side effect but father was afraid to continue with the nontraditional supplement and decided to feed her human blood when she was 3 years old . Traditionally , vampire of their kind can only drink blood from the opposite sex and father would seek male servant for that purpose but something happen when she was around 12 years old , she was too young to remember but according to grandma , Jade would randomly bit any male with a vengeance that passes her and was scaring all the male servant in the house . Normally , all the servant in the household was aware of their master vampire state and was able to adapt with the strangeness of the family but with Jade , she was like a mad dog on a rampage .

At the time , Grandma was the only one that know what was happening , she said it was a womanhood transformation . Till this day, Jade wasnt quit sure what it meant and nobody was willing to explain it either , not even her own parent . Everyone seen to held a secret , once you are married , we will tell you was the answer when the topic come up and they know she dread the idea of marriage ! It been so long since she seek her fang into a male flesh and she was too young to remember how it taste like . Fish Blood. How embarrassing it would be if anyone beside her family know this ? The only living vampire alive is drinking fish blood ! A tea party sound more hardcore than her little secret . She reach for the glass of blood and drink it all . Licking the side of her mouth to clean the smear blood , she wonder how would a males blood taste like , though she need some practice with fangs , well , she know its sharp enough to pierce thru a human neck but to actually try it the very idea fascinated her .

Stone and Lime was arguing outside below Jades window . Come on , its just a rumor ! said Lime shoving the flower pot to the side and stood up wiping the dirt onto his pant.

I done some snooping around , trust me , this Lucus is not only from a religious cult and check this out Stone lean toward his brother ear and whisper something . Jade watch the couple from the window above and wonder what Stone were whispering to Lime.

Get out of here! Lime pull his ear away and stare at his older brother doubtfully .

The ladies in town said he a regular there Stone nodded seriously and watch his little brother gape .

What does he do to those girls ? Lime eagerly want to know .

I done some research in the library Stone flip thru the book he was holding and turn to the mark page . He pointed to the text and said Read this part here

Lime chuckle , You book worm . Stone roll his eye and tap his finger on the text again. Lime read silently to himself and turn to stare at his brother , offer virgin to the sect leader by burning them on a stake and eating them well done ?? But dear brother , the harlot is the last place on earth to find a virgin Lime laughed , ridiculous folk tale ! It might be true century ago when people are ignorant but time had change .

Perhaps, now a day virgin is hard to find and harlots are more accessible Stone said it matter fact but it only increase his little brother laughter by a notch , which he find quit irritating!

Alright Lime struggle to control his humor , What does Lucus have to do with us ? I dont see the connection ?

Its concern our sister

Limes eye brow shoot up , Big sis ? Whats wrong

Havent you notice the changes in her lately ? Ever since that night

Changes ? What changes ? She seen normal to me , if anything at all , I think she look more pale than before Lime chuckle again , it was an inside jokes between the sibling , after all , she is a vampire.

Stone held his grin and continue seriously , She seen drifted . I have to call her several time to pass the plate during lunch. How many social party had Grandma held for her to present herself to available bachelor that attended and usually Big sis would be in cheerful mood the next morning , ready to smile and laugh again because it was finally over

Lime snapped his finger , You are right . Good observing

And Lucus was the only man she dance with that night before she run off, therefore..

Big sis finally meet the person she like! Lime nearly jump with joy.

No , no . She doesnt like man period. These religious cult are know to do black magic and spell

Are you saying our Big sis is under a spell?


Lime roll his eye and bend down to continue his garden work. Stone was left speechless at his younger brother expression as if this wasnt a serious matter . Jade move from the window to sit on the bed , she thought about what she over heard and what Grandma had said . Perhaps , its best she forget about this man , the rumor about his could be true , she had saw the fight between him and Raven at the lake . The mysterious woman name White Fox . The odd feeling she get when he near by and voices she heard during the night , no , not voices but a wolf howling that sounded like her name being call

Later that night when everyone was sound a sleep thru out the mansion . Like a shadow he walk swiftly across the hall , he was cautious , taking careful step up the stair way and landed easily on the top floor . He pause to sniff the air , his nose wiggle at the scent , he detected her scent and a smile form across his face .

Jade was restless in bed , though her eye was close but she sense a foreboding in the room and it make her flesh shiver at the unknown intruder. She open her eye wide and immediately sat up . A shadow filled the doorway , his form was outlined by the moonlight cutting thru the glass window of her room. He took a step . Her heart pound but she didnt scream and waited. The moonlight reveal half of his torso , he was shirtless , she can see the thick pads of muscle on his solid chest and abs. His face was still in the shadow . She watch the figure while clinging the cover against her breast and she waited . He took another step and his face touches the moonlight. Lucus.

W-what are doing in my room ??! she whisper .

Does I appear just like in your dream? his voice was husky and deep .

D-dream? Is im dreaming of him again ? she mummer to herself and then she heard him chuckle . She blushed . He must had heard her!

I have a bad habit of sneaking into the room in the middle of the night and wake up sleeping beauty he told her and she felt the air was thin because she was suddenly breathless .

T-then you must leave quickly before someone see you

His brow slopped . He had waited to long to be denied . She have more resistance than he realized , for days he have call for her in a spell binding ritual , most human would had gone crazy with need and come running into his arm but not this strange child-like woman . He was beginning to lost patient to conquer her mind and body . He doesnt want to frighten her but he have little time left before the poison take control of his body again . The tribe can not win , he will not go back for the phoenix pill , he will do what is necessary to survive

If you dont leave ..I-I will scream she whisper furiously . She watch the mood changes in his expression . There was a death stare in his eye . The air seem to flicker with anger , and there was that danger feeling again , the same sensation she felt at the lake , making her skin shiver and her heart race . There was something dangerous about him , in a poisonous , animal way and the threat of it was everything a woman should fear for, especially when that woman is dress in a thin fabric and in bed while a half naked man is standing at the door way !


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Ch 7

“Do you find me desirable ?” he said firmly and move several step toward the bed .

“W-we only met” she reply breathlessly , she wanted to said “with ever ounce of my body” but the words hang at the tip of her tongue , there was a sense of self-controlling within her mind. It was as if she was fighting a battle of reality and unreality . Strange . Very strange , how this man can have so much power on her.

He winced. The spell doesn’t effect her. He sniff the strange aroma surrounding her and move his head slightly to smell any other presence in the room . There was none. With a voice fully of restrain anger he said , “Do you find me handsome and captivating?”

“Well, I--I think you‘re average looking ” she inhale , she wanted to said “You sexy beast , I think you are hotter than hell” but the words was lost in her thought .

Damn. So he average ? How crazy is this , he thought . He out to seduce with burning passion ready to explore and the woman just sit there not cooperating the way he planned. It never happen before . He usually get what he want and what he want is this child-like woman . He began to breath heavily , letting the fall of his chest rise and fall like a pad against the stream . “You are making this hard!” he bit of harshly.

Anger. She felt it …sense it . “I think , sir . You are trespassing as well, I can’t help it if you are struggling to find other ego boosting words to flatter yourself , we had only met a couple time and believe me there are …many other man that more handsome than you ” she was almost positive that his knuckle just pop from clinging and un-clinging his fists. Though the man is sexy as hell but she doesn’t like violent in a man and a strange one for that matter .

“My dear child , I wasn’t struggling with words . I’m talking about my body. You are making it hard” his rascal smile does no justice for her , if it wasn’t for the pale , almost ghostly feature on her face he could had swore it was a blush.

She shrink a little under the cover sheet as she move from his death stare eye toward the wall behind him. How gallant of him to just sneak into her bed chamber in the middle of night and demanding he is a god-give-to-woman ? She doesn’t fear him but more of herself being near him ! Even if he force her , there enough air lung for her to scream for help and her father will burst thru the door and seize him like a rag doll. Beside, she almost forgot she an vampire as well , he only a measly human with muscular bicep and a wickedly handsome face , if she want to she could toss him thru the window with no effort at all. The picture brought a smile and laughter in her eye.

“Are you laughing at me ?” his face suddenly become furious , “That’s a dangerous move” he level his eye toward her chest .

“Stop it” she hiss

“Try and stop me” he took another step

“I will scream”

“Scream of pleasure, how delighted” he grinned

“Don’t say I warn you!!” she brace her hands on the bed and push herself backward as he took threaten steps toward her.

“I’m going scream for my father ..” she suck in her lung and was about ----

Within a blink of an eye , his speed was like a breeze , it blow the sheet away , almost nonhuman , his crouching body straddle her waist against the mattress and his lip touches her within that instance . She was screaming into his mouth . Shock register on her solid white face. Her small hands clenched his huge arm and was pushing him away . He moan softly into her mouth and taste her icily lip with rough stroke . At that moment she was suddenly weak against his violation . She close her eye and let the feeling over ride her sense of control . There was a humming sound at her ear , as if something or someone was chanting a sweet spell of musical lyric into her body . She felt his lip leaving her mouth but only to brush it against her neck , shoulder , chest , cheek and she love it . Her heart was near bursting , it beep wildly and she shudder in his arm . Again the humming continue it’s sweet sound until --- she realize what was happening and struggle to block the sound from her ear . Her green eye glow and she felt a surge of mad power . With all her strength she pushes him away .

The force throw his body crashing against the wall , he recover himself and stood up furiously at the bed post , “ What the hell!!!”

“What are you!” she shouted and roll off the bed , standing beautifully within the moon light beam . The button on her night gown was halfway parted , bearing those perfect creamy breast cheek and he curse silently at the lost of her body under his , the aching to possess her was too close he could almost tasted ecstasy .

“I should be the one asking you!” he retorted with a snort and turn to see the damage he done on the wall , no , what she done when she violently push him away , sending his body half way across the room . A bit of his man pride was lost at the thought.

“The rumor is true” her eye widen , “You’re a Tiberian!”

He thought she know more , “And what do you know about Tiberian?” he cross his arm lazily as if he is waiting to hear a bed time story .

“I heard you people does spell and black magic and…and..” she was too shock to speak .

“And we eat raw meat and does human sacrifice ..” he nodded his head and make a hand gesture for her to continue .

“You cast a spell on me ? Didn’t you ? That must explain the reason ..I was ..I..” she dig her finger into her hair and cover her ear .

“You lay restless at night dreaming about me , feeling hot all over , desire me , swollen with passion at the sight of me , drooling over --”

“I wasn’t drooling , don’t get a head of yourself ” she cut him off . No wonder. Thank god . Those lust wasn’t her! How dare he ! Measly human ! If it wasn’t for her vampire inherited power she would had become victim of his sorcery !

“Now , tell me . What are you . Normal human doesn’t obtain such strength or will power to resist the Tiberian’s spell”

“I think , sir. Your visit hour is over. Leave my house immediately !”

He hissed and was about to leap toward her but there was voices coming from the hall. Everyone must be awaken by the crashing sound . Furious he pointed at her and turn to escape out the window . She move to look out the window and he was gone . Just like the wind , he disappear into thin air.

Stone, Lime and her parent barge into the room . Everyone notice the damage on the wall and had on a worry face . Jade assure them it was her that cause the damage . She had a nightmare and was throwing stuff in the room. She didn’t dare tell them Lucus was in her room . She didn’t want them to worry .

“Big sis , you have to stop throwing a fit at night and waking up the whole town” said Lime , yawing and stretching

“Sorry ,”

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want you to scar your husband-to-be . Just the fangs itself is enough” said Stone, chuckling along with Lime .

Jade wanted to ring their little neck but her mother came between the sibling and embrace her daughter .

“It’s ok darling, your brother is just teasing” said Prisana .


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that was hot!
I wonder if Jade is really lusting for him or it was just the effect of the spell? lol
keep them coming!


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Please continue sarN! I was just reading My husband is an EX monk, laughing my butt off, you are hilarious; especially the stories of her sister's marriages. I love the part: "I was confuse with type of herb she use and I always get it mix up . She told me to goes to the backyard where our little garden is and cut lime grass ! I came back with real grass or green onion . She would scream at me are u dumb or blind ."


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CH 8

Deep in the forest , where the moon touches the cliff , Lucus seated himself on the huge rock and bend one knee to pound his fist into . Damn! The steady wind blowing against his bare chest wasn’t enough to put out the fire that was burning inside . Anger . Passion . He wasn’t sure which one irritate him more. She was difference from his other conquests , she was able to unravel the spell , though he sense she was beginning to succumb and it was only a matter of time but something happen that was beyond his belief . She was stronger than normal human , she was able to thrash him away like a stupid fly , the thought make his teeth clench because his pride was abuse , getting toss by a small fragile girl would surely make him a laughingstock of the tribe . Suddenly , his ear twitch and he quickly turn round .

“Are you done playing game?” said White Fox , emerging from the wood to stand before him .

Lucus rise up and greet her with his cold remark “It’s none of your business”

“Your mother is waiting for your return . She willing to forgive you for stealing the ancient transcript”

“I wouldn’t have to steal it if she told me how to cure this poison . I need the antidote not some stupid temporary pill I have to take every time I’m in pain ! She want to control me that’s why she refuse to cure me .” he said angrily , “And I’m nobody prisoner”

“Stubborn and stupid” she grunted and turn away , letting her long white hair flag it’s length against the wind .

“LUCUS!” a stormy cries leap from the wood and landed on all four . Raven ‘s lip turn disgust as he stood on his legs. Shirtless and pants rip to his knee . The wild man was a figure of the devil as his dark body stood before the two .

“Ah, so you invited your lover to persuade me as well” Lucus was being sarcastic

“She no longer my lover nor will she ever worth anything” Raven icily eye did not lie his hatred against White Fox nor does he pity any soul for that matter . He was a man that had his pride wounded by a filthy whore and his closest friend .

“We can fight to the death next time . Right now I’m not in the mood” Lucus turn to leave , walking pass White Fox .

“I agreed” said Raven

Lucus pause . There no way this wild man is willing to agreed on anything he suggested , curious , Lucus turn to face his emesis with his arm cross “Odd , I expect you to thrash me on the head”

A wick smile form across his dark figure , “My interest is no longer you , Lucus. The girl at the lake is more enjoyable to pursuit” the malevolence in Raven voice was unearthly and Lucus was infuriated .

“She MINE!” he proclaim

Raven laughed . “That was the same thing I said about White Fox until I saw you two by the river bank , humping each other like animal !”

“Shut up Raven!” White Fox yelled .

“This girl is mine. Nobody touches her . If you laid a hand on her , I swear , I will tear your flesh with my teeth!” Lucus grounded his feet and tighten his fist . With raging movement he stood within inches from Raven’s face . Lucus’s teeth clench together as razor sharp point emerge from his gum , his eye a black shade , muscles contracting , bone popping , an animal image was forming on his face and without warning his waist was being pull .

“Raven leave ! You making him mad!” said White Fox , hugging to Lucus waist and pulling him away .

“Let me go !” Lucus barked , struggling to peel her hands away .

Raven shake his head lightly , full with amusement in his voice , “Now , that’s a battle im craving for . The girl will by my trophy. A victory from you” he turn to jump down the cliff and disappear into the dark woods . Lucus was on the verge of madness .

It been several days since that fatal night . Jade was so sure he will come again but he never did . It’s not like she wanted him to come but it was more like she wanted to bash his head when he do . She also had been annoying her brother with question about the Tiberian’s people and she done some research herself . It had became an obsession , she wanted to know everything about these strange religious cult that live to the west of the lake , which only 300 mile from the mansion . With her unusual speed she can reach there within an hour but she shouldn’t let curiosity get the best of her and lead her to trouble . This must explain why the lake was forbidden for century , words was pass down from generation to generation as a forewarning to future Nawahdee’s children and it was never reveal why. There might be some written document from her ancestors in the library room ! The Nawahdee kept recorder of everything that happen in each generation , including all the human children that are Nawahdee’s blood that refuses to acknowledge their birth and outcast themselves , even Grandma had written her own personal dairy and only upon her grave will the dairy be place in the library. Jade waste no time at all and rush to the library room on the West Wing.

“Big sis!!!” Lime called out from across the hall.

She turn around , annoyed , “What is it? I have something important to do”

“More important then finding a husband ?” he chunkle

“I’m afraid so! Hurry , spit it out”

“There someone to see you! He very handsome!” he tease and watch his sister strode toward him with big curious eye.

“A man ? Handsome ?”

“Just come on , Grandma and him is waiting in the main room” Lime grab his sister hand and rush their way down the hall . By passing the servant on their morning duty. The mansion wasn’t just enormous but a complete difference world inside and it had remain the same for century. It was gothic like but the luxurious design and the antique artifact is what give the mansion it’s richness and some what a museum similar , since the Nawahdee’s ancestors are royal descend from England that came to settle in Chaia Mai three century ago , the design remain in it’s European state.

When the two make their grand entrance thru the double door , a man turn to greet them “Hello , I’m Raven” he smile humbly. It took Jade several moment to digest the familiar feature of the man in front of her .

He look just like the man she saw by the lake but only this man is shave and clean “I’m Jade” she force a smile . She didn’t want to be seen rude but if she not mistaken , he must be one of grandma’s mix-match!

Grandma , Stone and Lime was in perfect line behind the man . They were smiling non-stop , she was aware of her audience wanting her to give the man a chance or perhaps they just want to see her finally pick a suitor to breeding a vampire child , so the blood line wouldn’t end at her . The burden of it all!! She envy her human brothers so very much.

“Raven is a very wealth rancher and he own several oil mine” said Ms.Nawahdee and added with a cheerful smile “he single as well” the old lady winked . The two brother’s grin got wilder. Jade sigh inwardly . They all seated themselves and the servant came in with coffee and desert , after the servant finish their task , Raven clear his throat , “I was at the social function , you might not remember me . I like to be frank , I apology if I offended you …but , you see , I’m in love with you the first moment I laid my eye on you , Miss. Jade Nawahdee” his declaration brought a gasp from her lip and her eye flew to her grandma , the old lady nodded in approve while her brother give two trump up . She was disappointed with her family , they could have at least give the man a hard time or speak out to dispute such a thing as ‘love at first sight’ but they done none of it . She in fact is , 27 years old , though her vampire stage cause her to age slowly and give her a teen look than a mature one but she is in no hurry to breed a vampire child . But she also understand her family concern as well, they wanted her to finally taste a human blood , they are not sure what the outcome is if she continue to feed on fish blood . A vampire can only feed on the opposite sex, therefore , since she a woman , they wanted her to be marry to her blood meal . She doesn’t understand why her parent and grandma won’t let her feed on the male servant ? There nothing wrong with that ? All the servant in the house is aware of their master vampire form and would not deny her .

“How lovely and romantic !” Ms.Nawahdee exclaimed .

“Big sis , you have to give him a chance” said Lime with his teasing eye.

“There no harm in getting to know him” said Stone

Jade was stone for a moment . The man is handsome . His shoulder length hair was black and wavy , though he look terribly familiar but she dismiss that strange feeling and focus on his feature , tall , build , his dimple smile is adorable and he seen harmless . The anxiety look on her family face was adding pressure to her decision as well, with out any other thought , she blurted “I would love to get to know you more , Mr. Raven ”

His eye brighten as he reach for her hand and lay a soft kiss . The sudden touch make her heart jump and she quickly slip her hand away . Then from a distance a eerie sound was heard , it was as if a dog was howling and oddly enough she was the only one that heard it but she also notice the sudden smile Mr. Raven have , as if he was laughing at the sound .

The next few weeks was like a fairy tale , Jade was being courted for the very first time in her adult life and not once had her family object to any of the date she had with Mr. Raven beside the fact they would keep reminding her to take her blood meal more often since Mr.Raven like to take her out into the sunlight but not more than 3hrs that is allow . Mr. Raven never once question the reason why such arrangement was necessary and why she would carry an umbrella on a hot day. Grandma grow fond of the man and even ask if Jade had came to love him a little . Of course , Jade couldn’t answer such a question when herself never been in love nor does she know what love is -- but she know Mr.Raven is a nice person with many good feature for a girl to easily fall for because he a very attractive man . Then one night when Jade was returning from a date with Mr. Raven . While saying their good bye , he lean forward and give her a kiss on the cheek . She blush lightly and went inside . Grandma had saw the whole scene from the window and later that night she came into her grand-daughter bed chamber .

“Jade , darling . We need to talk” said Ms. Nawahdee and move to sit on the bed while Jade turn on her chair

“Yes ?” she smile happily into her grandma’s eye

“Do you know why we didn’t let you feed on male blood”

“Because im a female and it wouldn‘t look right if I bit every man in sight ?”

“No. Actually, there another reason . You see …vampire are very …o’ dear ..how should I put this …lusty”

Jade laugh, “Lusty ? Me ?”

“Your father had 20 mistress at one point”

“I heard and when he meet mother it was love” Jade smile wonderfully at her parent love for each other .

“O’ dear , this is hard . You see , when a vampire drink blood from the opposite sex he …feel thing that are wonderful , we didn’t want you to taste a male blood because you might try to search for the finest blood in different man , like what you father had done”

Jade stare dumbfounded , not sure what her grandma meant by ..different man “You lost me a bit . Are you trying to say , once I taste a man blood I will go on a man hunt ?”

“Not really a man hunt . You see , in order for a vampire to breed offspring , she must taste the finest blood from the opposite sex and in order to do that , when a vampire is making love she must give her partner the greatest ecstasy ever because that is how the finest blood is created within the human body and in that moment when you sink your fang into his neck , the blood will be the most pleasurable taste ever. We thought if you know the secret how to make a human blood the most finest ever you will become a lusty woman with random men because once you taste blood it will hard to control yourself ” the old lady exhaled .

The secret her parent had been holding till she get married . That’s why they want her to get married so bad because if she was to have any sex at all , might as well be her husband and not other man. Jade blinked her eye. Her cheek blush hotly .


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ah sarn. great update. awww jade blushing is cute. i can't wait until lucas hear about raven courting jade. i wonder if he will kidnap her. hehehee...


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CH 9

She once thought fish blood was plain and tiring but today , as she held the glass , it seen to be the most wonderful thing ever !! The conversation she had with grandma the other night was not the only secret that was held from her . There was a bit more information that grandma didnt mention and Jade decided to ask her mother the following morning , though her mother isnt a vampire and the right person should be her father but she doubt she will have enough courage to ask such a question from a male perspective . She gulp down the blood and wipe her stain lip with a napkin . She nodded with determine and march into her parent bed chamber . Father had left since sun rise and mother was sitting on the stool in front of the dresser .

Prisana caught her daughter reflection in the mirror and turn herself with open arm, Come here , sweetie . Jade came toward her mother on her knee and rest her head on her mothers lap. Prisana smoothen her daughter hair with one hand and with the other lift the girl chin upward , Yes ? Why so gloomy? her motherly eye was warm with love .

Grandma told me everything

Oh! She did !

What must happen to breed a vampire


What will become of me once I taste a mans blood ?

Well, you see . Um...its like this . Your father is a vampire

Jade nodded and waited for her mother to stop fidgeting. It was obviously an embarrass confession from her mother as well. After all , grandma did said vampire are lusty .

Well , you see Prisain continue on , Before we met . He had 20 mistress to ..um ..you see , he..

father was trying to breed a vampires child thru a female human but none of the mistress had the finest blood said Jade

Correct . And in order to know if that female have the finest blood , he um.he

He have sex with them

Oh lord, thats not the right term for a maiden to be saying . He have to make love.

Alright, then what happen ?

Your father isnt a very patient man therefore the women that he been with are more like his blood meal . He wasnt a very considerate partner at the time either Prisian found herself blushing to the root , though she pass the age of a school girl s crush but the memory of her husband in their younger years was still fresh on her mind.

Mom , you are turning red !

What? Dont be absurd! Prisana cover one of her cheek and wave a finger at her daughter with laughter in her eye .

Jade giggle , Please do continue

Let skip that part for now. Prisana does a quick smile and continue When you were born I feed you fish blood and strangely it may be but you were able to survive on it . Your father guess was because of a genetic affect from begin born from a human mother from generation to generation and over the century vampires gene was able to adapt to some of their human parentage but we werent so sure on that theory because the traditional way to feed a vampire is by drinking blood from the opposite sex

And then father decided to feed me human blood when I was three

Yes. And everything was fine until you were 12 years old. You bit every male in the house and at any given time . At the time , you were maturing into a woman and grandma suggested you are acting according to your hormone and we were afraidum...wellthat ...you

That I will became a lusty vampire girl once I realize the step to create the finest blood in a males body because once I taste how pleasurable blood can be , I would not be able to stop myself .

Exactly. Therefore , we insist on fish blood for now until you are married to one man and with him you can enjoy all the finest blood from his body once you discover its quality . We do not want to see our sweet little girl becoming umyou know what I mean

What if the finest blood is not in my husband body? How would I know , if he the only male I taste ?

That would be up to you . If you give him the greatest ecstasy , the most pleasurable night ever , the blood in his body will changes to the finest blood ..

And that is when I suck his blood

Yes . If you achieve that , you will breed a child , whether its a vampire or human we will let fate decide .

I have a headache Jade moaned and listen to her mother heavy sigh . There she have it . A vampire cycle of life all in two days ! The finest blood in a male body depend on her performance , the devil must be luring around when she was conceive and curse her to be born a vampire ! O how she dread the thought of breeding a vampires child for the Nawahdees blood line . Everyone forget to mention how would her future-husband-to-be react if he found out his wife will be sucking his blood for dinner and maybe for breakfast in the morning . The poor soul will be terrify ! She cant be selfish and let him live with her like this ? Or could she? Or does it matter at all ? Nobody mention she have to stay married , they only want her to breed a vampire s child with only one man and once she achieve it , there no other reason for the man to stay with her unless he truly love her , just how her mother is with her father -- but she doubt fairy tale will happen twice . No human man would be able to accept his wife is a vampire and a pale looking one indeed ! If thats the case , she must decide on her mate and get the breeding thing over with . Its best she marry someone she doesnt love because when the truth is out she doesnt want her heart to be broken . It will make the parting less painful , especially if she was to have his child because the memory will remain within the child they created . That was why she accepted Mr. Ravens propose the following week . He was thrill , she was sure of it and she kept her smile intact as he embrace her . The whole family was happy as well . Lime and Stone couldnt control their joy and went on a rampage through out the mansion , shouting as loud as they can , that Big sis finally caught a fish , all the servant was very please and congratulate her when she return home that evening .

All was well and it seen nothing will possible goes wrong with the wedding pre-plan . Grandma held another social function at the mansion to announce Jade engagement to Mr. Raven and the crowd cheer . Most of the man in the ballroom envy the groom-to-be because he was marring the richest heir in town and not to mention he will be living in the castle-like mansion ! The evening goes by smoothly as the music play its beautiful tone and dancer on the floor was having a wonderful time . Jades parent had never been happier and the two lover continue to dance their heart out on the floor . Jade watch them from the table and wishes her love life would be as dreamy as their but she wasnt pitying herself . She is a lot stronger than that and more realist in her situation , though Mr. Raven proclaim his dying love for her but deep inside she know once the truth is reveal those love will turn into disgust and fear . At least there one good thing out of this whole mess she put herself in , she will finally taste a human blood and explore other advantage in creating the finest blood . Suddenly she found herself turning red at such image . Perhaps , the tale is true , vampire are very lusty indeed. Though she couldnt imagine herself in such a wanton state . The more she ponder the hotter her cheek felt , ah , if there a minder reader in the room she will definitely find a rock and crawl under.

Thinking of the wedding night already I presume ? come a husky male voice from behind her .

Jade snap out of her train of thought and turn in her seat . She watch him came around the table to sit across from her . He was dress in solid black from head to toe , the perfect picture of a sinner and his dark hair was sleek back . He adjusted himself as if the chair was to small for his body , which was true and he rest one of his arm on the table with a glass of wine in his finger . Lucus fix his eye on the child-like woman.

Who invite you! she said fiercely .

Tsk , tsk , we havent seen each other for weeks . Is this the way you treat your guest ? his mocking smile was damn annoying . She felt an itch in her finger to toss him across the dance floor but she maintain her manner , after all , there are too many people in the room to witness her vampires strength and she doesnt want to frighten her groom-to-be --- just yet .

How much do you know about your groom ? He could be an animal in his spare time , you know he took a sip on the glass of wine .

At least he doesnt sneak into my room in the middle of night and demand a woman to declare himself the most desirable man a live but I dear say , he the finest I saw without the boosting

Ouch . So , Im only second best ? he finish the wine and toss the glass over his shoulder without taking his eye off from her . The glass smash into the floor but the sound was unheard due to the loud music that was playing in the background .

If you know whats good for you , please leave she gesture her hand toward the entrance door .

If you know whats good for you , forget about this Raven guy. He a very dangerous man to be around his jaw tighten as his eye lock her with a death-like stare .

Im sure he a lot safer than you she retorted and rise from the chair , chin high , she left the table . He was quick on his feet and grasp her forearm , turning her around and brought her body hard on his chest . Their face within a breath away as she stare up into his dark face and he down at her pale face . Those child-like feature and ghostly color cheek was nothing for a man to fancy about but he like the flawless of her skin , so smooth ,that if he laid his finger upon it his hand will slip away like rain droplet. And then those green eye of her , huge and bright like some kind of Egyptians cat . Ah and those red lip of her, the color of blood , so real he could almost image the victim that shred it upon her top and bottom brim . The fullest of her lip was like a baby pout , he almost forget , she look to much like a teen , that her skin was that of a baby bottom . He almost smile then but she a woman , 27 years of age to be exact and a strange one .

Get your hand off from me! she struggle within the circle of his arm as she felt her back tighten and her body pushing forward against his . If she want , she could use her strength to send him flying but there was to many people to cause such destruction and there was Mr. Raven she have to consider . She was at the mercy of this man .

Tell me , why are you so young looking ? Herb ? Milk bath ? he was smelling her hair and she move her face a way .

This is my engagement party! Release me before someone see us together! she whisper furiously into his ear ,

She felt his body stiffed and abruptly he let her go . She can see his jaw grounded . Anger. She sense it . He pound his fist thru the table and the force dent it . This Raven is only out to destroy you! his voice was a rasp and threaten

It took her several second to found her voice again , W-why in hell would he do such a thing ?

Because we are rival . What I want , he will destroy

And what do you want ?

You my dear . YOU his sinuous smile wasnt flattering but dangerously cunning and his body language was threaten as he slowly step toward her , his lip move rapidly as if he is chanting something audible . She watch in confusion and felt the strangest sensation to touch him all over . Her knee weaken as he came closer and she was leaning back as his face came forward and she fall backward but he was quick to catch her in his arm and then she felt herself begin carry off her feet. Everything else was a blur as she close her eye and listen to the wonder music in her ear . It seen like she slept for eternal because her body refuse to wake up . It was like heaven and she was floating on soft cloud . The surrounding was like a dream with nothing but whiteness and the wonderful breeze on her body felt delicious , it make her stomach knotted and aches but nothing could compare to the rough hand stoking her shoulder and side . She laid there restless and squirming against the strange feeling that was coursing thru her body . She didnt want it to stop and reach for it blindly . She felt her finger combing thru something soft , almost like a feathery fur crouching above her . She wanted to open her eye but her eye lid felt heavy with sleep and again she run her finger thru the thick fur . The burning lip was upon her neck and it tickle her and a small giggle escape her lip .

Ah, you tasted like ice and fire at the same time was a voice that came with her dream .

And you are like fire against my skin she couldnt believe it was her voice replying back. She heard a chuckle and felt her lip being touch , then suck and then she was mimicking it back .

You a good student the same voice tease her again .

Suddenly , she felt the wall of her dream fade away and the music stop . She open her eye and gasp loudly as she stare at the naked man above her .

Great heaven ! Where the hell am I ? she push him to the side and search her surrounding . Rock and more rock. She was in a cave !

Lucus pop himself on one elbow , Why , this is our love tunnel

Stun and confuse she turn to face the man beside her , How did I get her ??! Take me home this instance!

But we havent finish what we started his lazy smile was terribly irritating

YOu...Youwouldnt like it if I get mad her body shook with anger ready to burst into flame.

Aww , little cat want to bit me ? Im so scar his laughter echo thru the cave .

Jade had never wanted to bit anyone as much as she did with this man . With raging temper she gather herself up and stood before him like an amazons goddess . It took his breath away in one heart beat as he slowly stood up and crossed his muscular arm . And he forgot to mention to her that both of them was completely nude from head to toe and the furious image of her before him was making his blood boil. Surely , the prove of his desire is rearing its head up his navel . The passion she stir in him was painfully arousing his body to the point of ravaging her at that very moment . He smile deepen when he notice she finally realize she was nude and her hand flew to cover herself and it was even more amusing when she couldnt decide to cover the top or the bottom , therefore she use each hand to do the bidden . Even the pale face he so use to had turn bright red and he was so please with her look at that moment he couldnt contain himself that he laughed , which anger her more .


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ahhh. awesome!!! more then i what i expected with jade being 'kidnap'. hehehe.... can't wait to see what she will do to him.