Midnight Lover


sarNie Granny
CH 10

Without losing eye contact she sat down on the cold bed-like stone with her knee pull up , cross and her arms wrap around it’s. Calm down , she repeated to herself and wait . She can thrash his head at anytime but first she must know where her clothes are .

“Now , that’s more better . Quiet like a lamb” he flexed himself in a cocky way that display a pure man satisfaction . His triumph smile was even more annoying and her anger multiple ten fold , though it did not show on her face but the raging ach was there all the same.

“Where my clothes ?” she was restraining her voice from shouting at him .

“It scatter outside the cave , have you forgotten already ? You was stripping it off one by one by the time we got in the cave you were completely naked . Such an impatient little girl” he wave a naughty finger at her.

“You had me under a spell! I did not remember such an act !

“Then come here , let me refresh your memory”

Those bewilder eye of her wasn’t fear , he can sense it and became caution all the sudden . He still remember how she easily toss him to the side that night as if he was no more than a feather . There are many other woman out there he can easily manipulate and spell bind them to succumb to his need but he was drawn to her at first sight . Her child-like feature make her seen lost and innocent to his seduction -- it would had been seduction if she haven’t wake up from the spell and everything would had been …enjoyable but his animal instinct told him to ravage her and get it over with before the poison awaken . He kneel on the bed-like stone and reach for her arm , she pull away from him and with her other free arm she swung at his face . He was quick to grab it and lean forward for a kiss . Her other free arm came up as well but he again grasp it and pin both arm downward on the stone. He stare at her frown face and then kiss both of her check , she was still frowning , he kiss her nose and when he touch her lip -- she bit him. He snatch away to the corner like a wounded dog as he touch his lip for any sign of blood.

“The devil --” his curse stop short as rock after rock was thrown at him . His arm was pull upward to shield against the firing weapon . With his face turn to the side and hand spread outward he edge closer to the wild cat screaming at him , calling him all kind of crazy name and when he turn to look upward she slam her fist into his jaw , the blow knock him to the ground and it took a moment to shake himself from the shock but by the time he got up -- she was gone.

Jade escape and gather some of her cloth along the path . She manage to shove the dress over her head as she run on bare foot , only god know where her under garment are ! The tree grow heavy and the night was dawning , the unfamiliar surrounding was making her escape seen impossible ! She was lost in the deep wood of some sort and her speed was reduce by the thick forest . She slow down and search for a pathway but there was none but swamp , mato leaves plant , the ground was moist with mud on her feet . She came across a river with sea weed floating above the surface , the dark water look slime with green moss and there was a broken tree log that lies like a bridge along the river . She look toward the dark sky and above her was cover with tall jungle trees . She felt an ache in her throat and tear at the corner of her eye . She wanted to go home .

“Jade!” came a voice from behind her. “Stay there ! I’m coming!”

She didn’t want him to come! She lift the hem of her dress and quickly jump on the log , it sink a little and she hurry herself across the river with impossible speed . Once she reach the other side she turn around and saw Lucus cursing . And he had on pant. Thank god.

“Don’t go in there !” he shouted from across the river.

“And stay there for you to rape me ? Never!”

“You don’t understand . You are about to enter Death Valley !” he gritted his teeth and his worry for her safety was suddenly all that he wanted.

“Lair! This the way out isn’t it ?” she turn away and run inside .

“Idiot ! Blasted girl!” he leap into midair and landed on all four on the other side . Then all the sudden he tremble , his bronze skin created huge dents through out his body , the bone structure begin to break , bend , shaping itself like melted wax , his finger digs hard into the ground , his nail grow sharp and curve inward . He stretch his neck as his jaw tighten, razor sharp teeth shred itself from his gum , layer of rough wrinkle skin outlined his face and run down his arm . Thick black animal’s fur cover his entire body as his ear extend and curve . Wild and violence he howl into the darkness. With thunder paw the beast soar into the wood .

Jade had ran to a dead end . In front of her was a rock wall that reaches at least 20 feet in the air ! She turn to trace the wall pathway and the endless tail of it was lost . Strange . Why would anyone build a wall in the middle of a forest ? Hell with it! She begin climbing the rock wall using her feet and hand to lock herself , the pushing her way upward. She find herself straddling at the top as she look down , she felt nausea at the height and continue climbing down the other side . With tear-stain face she hurry down the dark pathway without looking back . The surrounding was no longer a thick forest but a rural area with dry crack land . She was tier and her feet hurt like endless needle poking thru it as she run across the field . She trip on something and stumble down on her knee , she turn over and sat there breathless . She was losing strength and hungry as well , not for food but blood. The dryness in her mouth was almost unbearable , she needed blood , she haven’t take any all day or yesterday . There was no water in sight or a stream for her to catch any fishes or any animal for that matter . Lost , alone , hungry and dirty . Damn that Lucus! She drag her knee toward her chin and rest on her shoulder . Sunlight will be in a few hour and her skin will burn if she doesn’t take any blood meal to recuperate her body to fight against the blazing sun.

She spotted two orb light coming toward her , frighten she stood up and slowly walk backward “Who goes there!” she heard a grouching sound , an dog perhaps but what ever it were it was moving closer . Then she saw the paws , a massive claw beneath it and then the face , the glistering teeth had drool leaking at the side as the animal clench it’s jaw at her , ready to strike if she dear move a muscle . She gasp! She had never saw such colossal of a beast ! It’s blood-shot eye was full of malice and death . The thick fur coat was so black she couldn’t tell how long the animal is due to the darkness surrounding them ! Without warning the animal jump at her and with it’s power paw gripping her shoulder she was at the mercy of this blood thirsting beast !

It’s jaw snatch closely at her face and she quickly shut her eye , her heart was pounding so loud she felt as if her ear drum was about to burst ! She was shaking all over and breathing heavily as she wait for the finally blow . Then she felt the animal move away but she wasn’t to sure and remain frozen on the ground with close eye. There was silent .

“Come on. Get up” said a familiar voice .

Slowly she open her eye and stare at the naked man before her . He was probable right , where he come from cloth are not as necessary , therefore he didn’t bother to at least cover himself ! He kneel down and help her up . If she had any strength left she would have protested but she was weak , to weak to even speak . He probable the one that scar the animal away , of course , with his nude self even mother nature would be frighten .

“Don’t ever run off like that again . This place is dangerous. What do you think that wall is for ?” his voice soft . She was expecting him to scream . She wanted to curse at him but her mouth was so dry and her throat itch so bad that sound was impossible .

“Why quiet all the sudden?” he watch her gesture, she was grabbing her throat . Ah, she must be breathless at the sight of him . He chuckle and sweep her off her feet . She squirm wildly but only for a few moment , she was to exhausted , she needed blood . All those running had drain up all her energy and she felt the heavy sleep .

Lucus watch her fall a sleep in his arm . Hell , she is one fast little creature ! Nearly a hundred mile in a matter of an hour ! Impossible ! But she done it and he was baffle ! If she hadn’t exhaust herself he doubt he would ever catch up . Now that he had her back there no way she can escape again . He had never met anyone so mysterious and exquisite like her before . He was breathing hard as he stare into her sleepily face , the urges to posses her was like a drug , she had captivate him in a way that no other woman had before .

Meanwhile , 300 mile away at the Nawahdee’s mansion the family was in deep grief because of Jade disappearance from the social function . Aum had the entire servant on a man hunt and on alert for any suspicious person on camp. The guest was dismiss and Mr. Raven immediately left to find Jade after the news was broken that a man dress in black carry Jade out the exits door thru the kitchen . Grandma and Prisana was in the main room waiting anxiously for any news from the servant that was out searching in the nearby area . Lime and Stone took the car out to drive into town to contact the police . They approach an office sleeping in his chair with his leg cross on the table .

“Wake up!” Stone shouted and bang the table rapidly

The police fall backward in his chair and quickly restore himself back in the seat , “W-what’s the matter boys” the skinny law in forcer said “It better be good”

“Our sister is kidnap !” Lime blurted out and pull out a picture of his sister to wave at the officer .

The office check the time on his watch , “It’s nearly 3am in the morning . Your sister pass her curfew . I will report a missing child alert” said the office as he held the picture in one hand and reach for the phone with another .

“My sister is not a child sir. She 27 years old” said Lime fervently at the office for making his sister kidnapping case a joke .

“What ?” the office eye nearly bugle out as he stare at the pale face girl in the picture , surly she not more than 15 years old .

Stone laid a hand on his brother‘s shoulder to calm him down .“I was in a hurry , that picture was taken on her 25th birthday . ” It took a few moment for Lime to realize that the officer wasn’t joking , at 25 years old , their sister look more like a pre-school student than a mature adult woman . Lime apology and explain what had happen to their sister tonight .

“Usually , if the person is missing for 24hrs then we call for a man hunt . Perhaps she went out with her boyfriend and return in the morning . Come back the next morning and we talk again ” said the officer

The two brother was at their throat to curse at the officer but he was right . They left the police station and got into the car .

“Do you think the man that took Big sis is him” said Lime , turning to his brother .

“Who are you talking about ?”

“That Lucus guy ! The one we talk about him being a Tiberian .”

“But he only saw her once at the social function that was held several weeks ago” said Stone staring at his brother with confusion .

“Yes. But the way he look at Big sis that night was …I can’t explain it , very intense . Is it possible he came back to get her ? Like what the rumor said about him gathering girls in town and bring them up the mountain . ”

“I don’t know Lime . We are just guessing right now”

“Listen , what’s the worst can happen ? We’ll goes to his ranch and snoop around a bit . If nothing else , just come back”

Stone stare at his brother . He was right . What can possibly go wrong ? “Ok . But we shouldn’t tell our parent just of yet until we are sure for ourselves.” They lift town and return to the mansion . There was still no news or traces of Jade where about . The brother will visit Lucus’s ranch in the morning as for tonight they will pray for their sister safety .

When Jade woke up again she was on a poster bed with white canopy draping from either side . It was daylight . She can tell by the light penetrating thru the floral leaf shade where the window stood . The dryness in her mouth was still there as she wrap her hand around her neck and try to swallow . She was blood thirst and she couldn’t lift herself off the mattress , she try and fall backward. Then she felt the bed slop and she turn to the side . Lucus was sitting beside her and like always , he was shirtless , thank god he had on pant . He was smiling down at her and in his hand was a glass of water .

“I figure you are thirsty . Your lip are so dry . I couldn’t kiss them at all ” he smile again . Not the sweet kind but the amusing one that he does so good to irritate her . He lift her head and brought the glass to her lip . She nearly choke on it as she struggle to gulp it all down .

“I won’t be stealing the glass of water from you . Drink it slowly” he coated and once she finish he laid her back down and use the end of the sheet to dry the wet area around her chin . She continue to stare at him with frown lip .

“You look happy” he was being sarcasm with her situation and then he continue on “Sorry if our love nest was in the cave last night . You see , I was so horny that I couldn’t hardly wait and stop at the cave to relieve myself” he smile again and watch the startle expression her pale face but she said nothing. He enjoy seeing her mad , somehow it make him feel wonderful , strange , only her can stir such nonsense in him .

“I’m not the good guy . It should be obviously by now” he check her frown , it still there and then he continue on “I like woman . I like to make love to them and then leave them . Why ? Because I’m the bad guy. Get it ? It doesn’t have to be rape you know . We both can enjoy ourselves if you cooperate ” he notice her face got redder and probable explode by the time he finish .

“All you have to do is listen to my chanting , do not try to block it like you always do” he frown at her and then with his smooth voice he chant a sweet melody and she was lost in a dreamy world …

“I will bit you..” she mummer as her eye slowly close .

He lean closer to her lip , “What did you just said?”

“Bit …you…hungry” she mummer again .

“Ah, bit me . Do what ever you wish my little kitten ” he laugh softly at her silly comment and reach for the hem of her dress and lift it over her head...


sarNie Adult
sarn. you know how to tease us! i love that long update. I can't wait for lucas reaction when her teeth since into his neck and drink his blood like no tomorrow. hehehehe...


sarNie Granny
CH 11

Lucus was laying on his side with one elbow supporting his weight , he kiss her lip , gently at first and then with rising infatuation . When he finally pull back she was panting a little and those bewildering eye of her was open , he continue to chant more softly as his hand more over her body seductively and thoroughly , she noted every area that he touches with series of blushes and there nothing she can do about it because the weakness of her body was at the mercy of his sinfully violation . She doesn’t even have the strength to lift her arms but she wasn’t completely helpless , she was struggling in her mind to block out the beautiful melody he was chanting but her body and mind was in two difference world .

She refocus the image of him and every time she blink , he become sexier than before and he was smiling down at her , those wick curve of his mouth was damn annoying yet exciting --- no. This is not happening . She was losing to him , body and mind --no . She notice his breath was harsh and quick, contradicting the slow torment of his lip dragging across her bare chest , touching the collar bone , then short kisses on her shoulder and his hand stroking her outer thighs . It was so erotic she was ashamed of herself . Guilt pleasure was one thing but powerless to the whole ordeal was making her stomach ach with self-pity .

“Mmm…you are so lovely , white as snow and cold as ice” he moan softly at the hollow of her neck as he shift his weight half over her , then he kiss her ear while chanting erotic words and then he chuckle when she turn her head away . She know he added that part of detail on his own .

Then he was on his knees between her legs as his hand touches her thighs and spread them part . She watch him with intense desire cursing through her and she wanted to yield to him -- no -- yes . She run her tongue across her lip as she trace the muscular detour of his lean body , at his narrow waist , the single line of hair that run down his navel , the prove of his rousing and she stop there , uncertainly and fear mix with burning passion was having a battle of a life-time .

“Do you like what you see?” he tease

She nodded. What she wanted to do was head butt him.

“I will take you home after the whole ordeal . You might not even remember what happen soon after , therefore just relax . I guess the spell work . You seen to cooperate just fine by not fighting me” his teasing smile was poisonous

She wonder if he talk this long to all his victim. Devil. He is sexy as hell -- no--yes. She doesn’t know what to think anymore ! Damn him. Damn all Tiberian ‘s man and their blasted spell . And what the hell is saying ?

“…the spell will wore off in about 2 hours and you will find me repulsive which I don’t mind . This is how I survive---” he stop himself , too much information mean trouble , “Anyway , let’s finish this and then we go have lunch afterward …alright?”

She continue to stare at him. He sound as if she a chore , like milking a cow or plowing the field . She suppose he had done this to so many other innocent woman that it became an everyday thing , like eating and pissing --- she felt his heavy weight over her , his hand pushing her thighs a part and her heart pound fiercely and then he thrust ---all the way inside and with all her strength she lift herself off the pillow and bit him violently on the neck when he lean forward for a kiss . Her jaw clench and refuse to let go as his body tense over her . Suddenly her fangs burst forward and make a deeper mark , she bit down harder , touching the vein , the muscle tissue and then blood begin to ooz out in thick coated fluid . She suck harder and his body stiffed , his voice was lost to the shock of it all . He can hear the flow of his blood being vacuum , lap hungrily , licking and then being suck again . Her arms came around to grip hard on his shoulder to pull him closer to her mouth as she feed on him .

He lean forward and her head fall backward on the pillow , he place his hand on her hip and was determine to use all his strength to ravish her because the aching pain to reach climate was greater than the she-devil feasting on his neck. Hell. She was serious about the biting! He thrust his hip again and felt his blood spill over her mouth because it was leaking down his neck and her grip on his shoulder suddenly became painful ! Her nail deep into his skin , tearing through his flesh as he continue to hammer into her in a more urgent movement , the deeper the cut , the deeper he went until she was thrashing beneath him and beat on his back . With every fist he felt the organ in his body shook and then it was over . He held her fiercely to control his tremble body from falling off and within a few second his naked ..sated body was thrown across the room , breaking the window glass and landed on his back on the solid ground . His neck hurt where she bit him and he move his head to the side . A foot within inches from his face was pull upward and slam down on his throat . It nearly choke him to death as the pressure force him to grab at the ankle . She was standing over him wrap in a bed sheet to cover her nude self .He can see blood smear all around her mouth and more still dripping down her bare chest . She got stronger , he sense it through the pressure at his throat and ..damn…he messes with the wrong woman.

He force a awkward smile from beneath her loveable foot and his short victory was wash away when she said “ I hate it when you smile at me”. She was angry . He can see it through her glowing green eye -- pain and hatred . There was also an irony about all this , that is , this time it look as if he the victim and she the tormentor.

“Can we call this …even ?” he manage to squeal out . His body aches from the hard ground and the shatter glass was cutting through his back.

“NO!” she scream bitterly , there was also tear leaking from both side of her eye as she stomp at his throat again . He choke again . Damn . An angry crying woman is the most dangerous thing in the world and without another word from her . She release his neck and he was quick to roll away , gathering himself in a sit position he massage his wounded area and look up in time to see a sharp glass come slashing toward him . He quickly move away and jump on his feet .

“I’m going kill you!” she yelled while holding a piece of broken glass in one hand and the other hand clinging the bed sheet toward her chest .

With one hand holding his neck the other waving at her to stop , “ Now -- wait just a minute ! Let’s talk !” he watch her tremble lip begin to curse at him and then she charge toward him like a mad bull . He duck and move far way

“You animal!” she shouted as tear continue to flow down her cheek .

“I’ll take that as a compliment if you do not mind” he saw the furious look on her bloody face and didn’t find the comment amusing ! She came closer and he shouted out “ But YOU! My dear , suck the blood out of me! What in devil name…are you!” his hand was still holding the wounded area .

Her tremble , raging body was about to explode and at that very moment he know he was at her last nerve . As he watch her , he had never witness such a bloody image of a woman . Her long black hair was mush and tingle from the back . The bed sheet that she wrap about her body was stain with blood . Even her face was cover with blood and the those white skin of her seen to burn from the sun ray and there was suddenly a rise of smoke coming from her expose arms. But the child-like feature of her remain the same , those teary eye and pouted cheek ….

“Big sis !” came a voice from around the house . Those voice was her brother ! Jade turn around to search for them.

“Big sis!”--- Lime froze

Stone was walking from behind his brother and froze at the scene as well. “Big--”

“You two are trespassing my property !” shouted Lucus and then regret speaking as the pain at his neck increase .

The brother’s jaw drop . Before them was their sister , bloody ravished and across from her was a wounded naked man. Lime rushes to his sister side and took off his jacket to use it as an umbrella to shield the sun-light . Stone went to throw a punch at the man that hurt their sister but Lucus block it with his hand and push the brother to the ground .


sarNie Egg
ahh!! so happy u post.
but dang that was so good..
but i wonder how can he not realize that she an vampire:D!!


sarNie Egg
ahh!! so happy u post.
but dang that was so good..
but i wonder how can he not realize that she an vampire:D!!


sarNie Egg

Hello, phichanicka, i see that ur new to sarnworld..
but anyways, u should go read sarN other stories..
its really good, well, unless u already read them already:)

i have been reading a few of them and i just finish reading midnight mistress..
it was so good that i decide to join sarN for more..

ty for your suggestion


sarNie Granny
CH 12

Stone quickly gather himself off the ground and charge at Lucus but his effort was like a pathetic child in a playground for man and was left embarrassing himself by getting pound to the ground once again .Lime watch in dismay as he hold the jacket above his sister's head , “Stone is getting hurt , I have to help him” said the brother. Jade was about to said something but the sudden weakness wore her down and she collapse , Lime swoop to catch her in time and was on his knee with her in his arm , the jacket toss aside . “Big sis !” he shouted , shaking her shoulder and patting her cheek .

Lucus stop in his track and lift his gaze toward the other couple . Stone was on the ground rubbing his shoulder in pain , he round himself up and walk lamely toward his sister and brother.

“We have to get her home and away from the sunlight” said Lime as he watch his brother approaching them.

“Carry her to the car and i'll take care of this man” said Stone , wincing at the pain on his back but manage to assure the worries in Lime's eye with a short smile .

“Are you sure?” Lime asked skeptically , observing how terribly his brother is looking , his eye-glass was slightly slanted in a lopsided manner , he wasn't standing straight either, his legs was trembling as well, his clothes was stain with dirt and grass. If anyone was to stay and fight it should be Lime not his sophisticated brother!

“Yes” Stone grunted his reply .

Lime reach downward to secure the sheet by tightly tucking it between his sister under arm and lift her off the ground . He went around the house and down the path where he came from . Stone turn toward Lucus and held out his arm to block the mad man from following the two.

“If you know what's good for you , move out the way” Lucus deep voice was dangerously harsh as his brow frown together , nasal flaring like a wild wind and he was close to turning into an animal .

“Over my dead body , bastard!” he cursed and immediately regret that bit of outburst when he felt Lucus's hand grasping his shirt collar and lift him upward, feet dangling off the ground like a rag doll .

“Your sister belong to me now . What is mine , stay mine until I'm satisfy ” Lucus release his grip and turn away from the falling body , he went inside the house thur the broken window and dress himself in a pant . He came out of the house from the front door and was right in time to see Lime starting the car down the hill where the drive way is . Lucus curse silently . How can those idiot at the main gate let those brother slip in the property without trying to stop them! And how did the brother found out about his abduction of Jade ? Irritated and furious he inhale sharply , using his power legs , he ran swiftly in full speed and stood boldly in front of the vehicle . He can see the alarm look on Lime's face thru the windshield and the other brother was just coming down the hill , nearly rolling down the slop in a near panic .

“Leave the girl and the two of you can leave here ...safely” his patience was on the very edge .

Lime was gripping the wheel with sweat coming down his temple , where the hell did he came from ? Surely , he didn't just drop from the sky and Lime could had swore it was just a few second that he look away to buckle the seat belt ! He look over his shoulder toward the back seat and terror sink in , Jade's skin was deteriorating , there isn't time , he have to take her home and he be damn if that bastard will stop him! “ Never !” he shouted out from the side window . With sweaty hand he reach for the shift gear as his foot prepare to step on the gas , with determination and without caution he drove full speed. Lucus grin tightly and prepare himself , with a quick speed he leap 6 feet in the air by passing the vehicle and landed in a kneel position behind the spinning car , he turn around in time to see the car crushing into a nearby tree , ruining his precious rose garden ! Lucus grunted his irritation , foolish boy !

“ Lime ! Shit!” Stone ran toward the smoking car and jerk the door open . Lime's head was bleeding from the broken windshield and he was unconscious . Stone nearly ripped the seat belt off and drag his brother lifeless body out with all the strength he had left , panic and fear cause his eye to burn with tears as he continue to shout at his brother “ Wake up man !” . Then remembering Jade was also in the car he turn back to retrieve his sister but Lucus beat him at it .

“Let go of her !” he shouted and came round the car to block Lucus from carrying his sister away .

“She will be safe with me . Your brother is the one in need of immediate care , the nearest hospital in town is 2hours away . My servant will take you there ” Lucus nodded at the fast approaching man that was now just coming after the chaos was over .

“ You don't understand ! My sister will die ! She need to be shelter and away from the sunlight ” swallowing a lump of fear , Stone stare in horror at the burn mark running across her bare shoulder and arm .

Lucus was starting to notice the visible mark and was suddenly alarm , “What's this ?!” his eye roam with bewilderment and was quick on his feet toward the house . Stone was about to follow them but was block by a bunch of heavy muscle man , they urge him toward the other brother that was laying on the ground unconscious as one of the man drove a car toward them . Stone was left with no choice but to assist his brother to a local hospital . The brothers had came to the ranch because they heard rumor and eye witnesses that the owner could likely be the culprit because everyone in town know about the mysterious man who like to come to town and take women up the mountain. They were already suspicious despise the rumor because they found out Lucus was at the engagement party according to one of the servant that night , when grandma make it clear that this man should not be invited to any of the Nawadee's social gathering and with that hunch the brother wanted to snoop around the ranch where Lucus reside at . They didn't expect the ranch to exceeded over 300 mile of private property and they were stop at the gate entrance , the guard refuse to let them enter the residence because their master had stated no visitor is allow but they didn't wanted to return empty handed , therefore they drove their car thru the gate and up the hill . Once they reach the house they heard voices and crashing sound coming from behind the house . It was then that they came running toward the commotion and saw their sister in sheet of blood .

Lucus watch his man loaded the brother into the vehicle from window and turn away to gather Jade from the sofa . He carry her into another room in the house since their last one have a huge hole on the wall and he laid her on the bed . There was red mark on her chest as if she was been burning with each passing minute which make no scent to him , not only does she suck blood but she allergy to the sun as well ? It was the only conclusion he could come to because other possibility sound too nonsense and unbelievable – ? But could it be , that she isn't human ? If this is true , that would explain her unearthly strength , the pale child-like feature , the bit wound on his neck and the condition she is in . His curiosity went up a notch and his fascination with her was beyond anything he ever known . With careful handling he roll her out of the bed-sheet , his breath was caught at her nakedness but he maintain his urges and cleaned her body with a wet towel , rinsing the blood stain , the burnt area was starting to disappear as he observe with tantalizing need to kiss those smooth white skin and once more taste those stubborn lip . He surprise himself by finishing the task without violating her with his carnal desire , which only because he prefer an active partner than a lifeless body , does that make him the good guy ? No, he the bad guy just off duty at the moment he decided. He reach toward the end of the bed and pull the cover over her body . Night was approaching as he look toward the window and by now the brother must had reach the local town hospital . They won't be a bother to him any more because his man will keep their eye on them.

It was about 1am when Lucus came to check on his sleeping witch and he took notice how her body had recover to it's normal stage . She slept like a baby , he thought and she was suppose to be in her late 20's. He cross his arm and stood there observing her small form , the parting of her lip , the air what was inhaling and exhaling was like a soft moan . She had long eye lashes that curve backward , it was thick and terribly attractive . Those long black hair of her was wildly spread on the bed like an open wing of a crow , though her eye is close but he remember those green eye of her , unlike anything he ever saw before , she must be mix of an foreigner's blood he decided and there her lip , red as blood , coiled with deep rich color . Damn . He was getting turn on again . The girl is more dangerous lifeless than wildly awake but he need her to recover , the poison in his body will return on the next full moon and he need her . Slowly his devilish grin became wider as he watch her body coming back to life , she move and twist , those eye-lip of her was coming upward .

“Wake up sleepy head . And I thought I have to wait longer for my lover” he grinned down at her with his arm cross over his bare chest

She refocus the image of the man tower over her as reality hit her , scanning the unfamiliar room and feeling light headed . She push herself upward with her elbow as support and unaware of the sheet slipping down her breast , revealing herself to eye of a hungry wolf . “ Where ...where my brothers”

Lucus climb on the bed , pull the weight on his side causing her body to drift toward his chest and he took the opportunity to gather her into his arm as she slowly trying to gasp the sudden moment in perspective . She was feeling dreamy and lost . She gaze upward into his eye , their face was inches away and she felt his finger rubbing her rib cage then downward . There was something predator about his eye and yet she couldn't tear her gaze away, there was something difference about her body and she suddenly remember her mother's words “vampire are very lusty...we afraid once you taste blood ..”. Yes. She had tasted blood. His blood . She desperately try to remember how it taste like but she couldn't , all she remember was pain and then ….what was it ? There was that dryness in her throat again , that thirst and the way her meal is watching her make her mouth water as she stare at his neck .

“Aren't we cooperating nicely all the sudden” she heard him said but she didn't' care what he think , she continue to stare at his neck , watching the movement of his throat . Her tongue lick itself on it's own according , she was hungry and nothing else matter .

“So , if I touch you here and here ...” she heard him said , as he continue to talk as if there is no tomorrow , she only grasp a few line and the rest was like a murmuring .