[Movie] Twilight


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sajenna seriously the books is really good but the movies are so-so i just go to see if they put any of my favorite scenes in the book to the big screen


Eclipse is my favorite of the four, but Twilight is pretty close as well. I am very excited for the movie. I will go in not expecting anything though. I heard the tent scene is in the movie. One of my favorite parts of the book.


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i LOVE twilight!
no,the series:)
aha;i read the whole series:)
andd YES!Eclipse is OUT
today!can't wait to go see it!


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All i can say is that ECLIPS suck big time .. it's like they decide to just focus the film in one chapter of the book (though i have not read the book, but it feels like that with all the same sequence scenes)

aside from this -- everyone looks uglier, i starts to notice how small jacob's eyes is (forgot the real actor's name) and edward -- gosh, he has such ugly teeth, it distract me a lot in the film

also, maybe it's just me but kristen's acting is getting on my nerve -- she seems to lack emotions ALOT in this one -- *sighed*

i pay 9 dollars per person to watch this and man, was it a waste or what! (the fanfiction in here are MUCH BETTER than this part 3 of the series)


sarNie Adult
Seriously;Eclipse does soundd dumb.
i probably like the book better.
and i don't like how bella doesn't
know who to CHOOSE!


bite me x___
I loved it, I thought it was amazing. Standing in line for a few hours lol but it was worth it. They didn't really go by the book which pisses me off and I absolutely HATED bella in eclipse. Edward pisses me off too watching Bella be a SLUT with jacob haha spent a few minutes yelling the word BITCH in the theaters but it's all good. I can't wait for BREAKING DAWN.


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I like the series but I don't really like Kristen Stewart as Bella. She's kind of dull as an actress.


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I just saw Breaking Dawn a while ago. I find it better than Eclipse or maybe because I never liked Eclipse, even on the book series LOL out of the 4 books, I loved Breaking Dawn the most :D I love how they adapted the part where Bella turned into a vampire. I literally got goosebumps while watching it 'coz it's exactly how I imagined it while reading the book LOL I'm loving the soundtrack as well :thumbsup:


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I thought it was okay -- the wedding scene was beautiful though .. and the ost is awesome

Anyway, i just have to say this .. i went in tonight to watch BD with some friend and when it comes to their BED SCENE with Edward breaking things -- the elder lady who sat next to me say 'OH!' and got the whole audience laughing. After this, i couldn't maintain myself from giggling when they keep on doing it lol (anyway, i must admit it was a pretty hot scene)


sarNie OldFart
the wedding scene was really beautiful. I even cried a bit while watching it LOL I never really liked the song Flightless Bird American Mouth when I first heard it on Twilight but now, I'm really loving the wedding version of the song :wub: :wub: