My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..


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every morning when I first wake up I think ab different thingys LOL so I thought ab this thread.. and this morning was....

My sister woke me up I was thinking ............

"urgh when did my family get home and when are they leaving again LOL and what do they want now.... :angry:


My first thought waking up today was it's raining and already 11:30 damn. I didn't know I slept that much. lol. Also, I need some coffee. lol.


sarNie Hatchling
My first thought was.....

" gosh why does school even have to start again, what am i going to wear,and the weather how will it be like?................"


sarNie Adult
...i woke at 334am and my first thought is!!! letting go of my best friend... i think i'm holding on too tight and they seem to have let go of our friendship already,,, so i need to find away to put how i feel into words and let go.... :(


sarNie Juvenile
my first thought about waking up this morning was that, gosh another day has began! i want to go back to sleep! not another long day of work again.


Sticky Rice
my first thought...

"damn im tired...and why is it soo late already.. just wanna go back to sleep"

grr..i need to sleep earlier and wake up earlier >.<


sarNie Adult
first thing I thought about today was to let my husband buy me some spring roll and drop it at my work place before my break just in time he head off to class hehe... always thinking about food :lol:


sarNie Adult
arrrgh...why can't i just on the toilet already...dun wanna get up, it's coooold!

shizer! now i'm hungry