mzyang artwork


sarNie Hatchling
I been busy with school and a lot of other stuff that I don't have anytime to post my artwork up. Its been pretty long until I get to post some artwork. Here are some that I did.

I did a banner of my favorite Korean movie.
Can you guys tell me which one is better. Thank You

Thank you

I will come back probably after school is done or if I have time.Thanks again.


sarNie Hatchling
Hi everyone I'm back. Enjoy two of my artwork.  




sarNie Hatchling
Hey everyone i have been very busy. Almost done with school. Well I did a poster for my class and I did a couple and I just want to share. hope you guys like it. 
This is the original poster of the play by August Wilson. 

These are  the one that I create. I use the same idea like August Wilson did his, it just that change a little.

I didn't put there name in the poster so I just write their name here. Terrence, will smith, denzel washington,I forgot the guy with white jacket name, Oprah winfrey, Trey Songz, Skai Jackson and Jennifer Hudson.
This one is the saem as the above one but I change the color.

I decide to turn in this poster for my final project.

Hope you guys enjoy. Thank you.