Nam Chai Mae


yup yup..there is a green yak in nam chai's werid before thei was 2 people that played the beginning it was some other dude and later in the lakorn they changed still lookin for some answers of why they changed.


Hohoho. I remember watching this. At that time, I loved Sawika's character and thought her bickering with the pra aek was soo cute. I liked her so much, I even asked my sister and cousin who was prettier between her and Yam. Lol. Childish mentality. I thought Sawika was cuter.

But later when I watched Tepsin Intarajak. WOW. P'Yam won my whole heart. Years later when Tep Sam Rudoo came out...Gawd. I was never so happy. In fact. I was so happy, I taught myself how to read Thai. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be where I am in the world today. LOL. OT.

But back to Nam Jai Mae. It's really amazing how perspectives change as you mature. Looking back at this years later, I actually hate pra aek. He's actually quite indecisive. It's a typical trait for a man with more than one love interests. The way he treated Sawika's character is a turnoff. I also don't like Sawika's character now and think she's annoying. Lol. Yam was just too cute.