Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)


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For AFF@Money Expo Clip I just revised in Hi Quality

here (The link before already were deleted, sorry guys for this inconvenience) >__<"

Aff MoneyExpo presenter Part 1 (Revised)

Aff MoneyExpo presenter Part 2 (Revised)

Aff MoneyExpo presenter Part 3 Meeting BAAC officer (REVISED)

Aff Money Expo presenter Part 4 give msg @ Fortuner (Revised) :rolleyes:


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okay my fellow ATEAMERS! I have found the CLIP where AFF missed AUM - AUM you should do something about this. I want to hear something from you!!!

ENJOY cuz I have been watching nonstop. Aff was all lighten up when mention just the name "AUM" but she want to confirm is AUM ATICHART - I always like the way she said Aum Atichart - there's a certain "love" saying along that name :wub:
OMG SERIOUSLY something is wrong with me i cant watch the clip!!!!
i really wanna watch it please anybody can find it somewhere else :lmao: :( :lmao: :(


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^awe. it say on mine too .. so sad then ..
it was really a cute clip when the fan ask her to leave a msg on her camera and that Aum will watch it.
she was like ''are you sure, aum, aum atichart?' lOl .. that's why she end up saying the ''KID TEUNG" phrase :wub:
awwww...cecilia u should of take it and post it on ur youtube!


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wow again.. that clip is off again >_<...

aiyah... i miss my ateam..... T_T..


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we saw aff a few days.. now we get to see handsome Umm. listen to what the fan girl said to him ..
Love the messenger fans :wub: @ 1:20 minutes of show.
fan: um, we saw aff earlier
um: huh
fan: we met aff earlier
um: what's n'aff doing here
fan: aff said 'miss you' kha
um: where's aff
fan: aff was downstairs but she left already :wub:

Credit: ppjungg


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omgggg thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
i love u guys!! u guys are the BESTESTTT@!!!!!! no lie :D

aww aff was like "kid teuunnngggg" all cutee
and aum wanted to know where aff is so he can go see her and tell her that he misses her more haha


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lastest Ateam's clip - Why Do I feel like my Ateam are shy toward each other? :wub:

Both AFF & AUm attend in k.Jim Mayurachat 's Birthday on May 14
(Aff is the actress in Maker Group Company but Aum is not he is the TV Scence's Actor)

K.Jim Mayurachat is the owner of Maker Group company. She is K.ja Yodsinee's Mother too.

Yeah, I can feel that too.....
For this time, I feel like Aum&Aff look so shy when they be together and interview with Ch.3 press.

when Aum bless k.Jim on Birthday, Aum looks so ackward and say=>"...ah ah I...I..." :rolleyes:

While he try to express his feeling and thanks K.Jim for giving him & Aff play many lakorn together and still give this chance in the future.
Aff teast him around and say why you dont give any eye contact at.....

Then Aum turn his face and face to Aff, he ask......" glance at who....??"
(When he said that he give smile &.... glance into AFF's eyes :lol: :lol: )

That moment, Aff looks so so shy & ackward....she smile , giggle..... like she doesn't expect him give that eye contact to her :lol: :lol
So Aff just say (>///< )...ehh....ehh, I mean you should give eye contact to the Press camera front of you.



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thank you so much l.tiger Now I know the whole "shyness" here - Aum and Aff - I can definitely see something is going on here....haha