Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)


sarNie Granny
^ OMG thank you soooo much ceci :wub: I LOVE the teaser. ATEAM LOVE...burning up :D

to think that it would have been airing at this moment, but i think it's going to be worth the wait ^^


As I was watching the scenes with Aum&Aff, I just couldn't hold in my tears! I have a feeling that this is going to be a tearjerker for me! Even just the teaser already put tears in my eyes. Lol...Err, can't believe Tah Warit is playing gay...

Thanks Ceci for the trailer!


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omg thanks ceci.....

ooooo i so cant wait.....

ooooo ateam fever burnin all over again ehehe xp...


sarNie Adult
so sad that I still have to wait for this to air again... though I like bee and aff but I really dont want to have NM on hold for PSR...


sarNie Adult
same here, I wonder why they put NM on HOLD for so long? Or it is because Channel 3 is waiting to have this air near the end of the year so both Aum and Aff can win awards?


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^i am not sure either -- maybe hold it off to leave an impression since fan like to do compare and contrast lakorns ^^


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lol gp... hehe.... i hope ateam will win awards too ^_^..

gp dont u mean 1069 lmao hahah j/k ehehe xp..

ateam ateam ateam ateam ateam ateam ateam ateam ateam


sarNie OldFart
thanks for the clip!!!! :clap:

I love the scene in 1:25 but dang! it's too short... they shouldv'e paused it when their lips were about to meet... like only an inch away... :p


sarNie Elites
it looks so good!! i cant wait to watch namtam mai!! ahhh it gonna be sad ... and i know ima hate aum lol well his charector!! ahhh!!


sarNie Coma
thanks cecilia! it looks really good. i like the wardrobe and location including the cast. looks like a sad one