~~New artworks update~~


sarNie Hatchling
omgosh!! these are by far, the nicest i have seen!!!!
you are talented. and really..i want you (or someone like you) to make my future wedding invites (like 10 yrs in the future tho. lol)
but thanks for sharing them with us ^-^


sarNie Oldmaid
Thanks Novy, I like the quotes too. The quotes give me a lot of think on how the FF poster is going to be about...hehe

Sure you can use the the banner of weir and pancake TubbyTinker.


You're Average Person :)
wahhh the new ones are lovely.....

thats a good manipulation of faai though and tubtim....i love her....shes so cute


sarNie Adult
I love your banner. There so cute. I like the Weir and Pancake one.


You're Average Person :)
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv the last banner of cee and cheer.....i'm going to use that one okay