New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?


sarNie Juvenile
Hmong dubbed that I've seen in 2012
  • Niam Tais Xav Taus Vauv - Vee & Noon
  • Vim Txog Kev Zoo - Tono & Aim
  • Kev Hlub Tswj Tau Kev Phem - Vee & Pancake
  • Swb Tsis Tau Vim Hlub Koj - Ken & Janie
  • Txoj Lw Kev Hlub - Aum & Aff
  • Hlub Hauv Siab Tiag - Weir & Pang
  • Sau Tag Nrho Lub Siab Hlub Koj - Nadech & Yaya [One of my favorite one!]
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sarNie Egg
Pang Sanaeha just recently end airing so its not dubb yet. I hope hmong dubbers dubb this soon I love Kan and cheer.I bought the original but want to see it dubb also.


sarNie Oldmaid
I reuploaded the hmong dubb of Dang Duang Haruthai starring Kwan & Wier:


sarNie Oldmaid
Why is it that Pang Sanaeha has not been dubb n Hmong yet but Son & Mike lakorn that air after Pang Sanaeha has all ready been dubb in Hmong. Man I hate how Hmong people only choose the one they like or favor actresses or actors to be dubb in Hmong.

Some new lakorn Hmong dubb.

Son & Mike lakorn Title in Hmong - Tshuav Ib Nplooj Siab Tsis Lwj

Vill & Pong lakorn Title in Hmong - Txiv Txoj Kev Ntsaw Xav Tau Kom Tub Tau Zoo

Kim & Mark S. lakorn Title in Hmong - Pom Txhua Hnub Kuv Thiaj Nyiag Hlub

Lome & Susie lakorn Title in hmong - Paub Ntseg Muag Tsis Paub Siab

Weir & Pancake lakorn in Hmong - Tsis Muaj Dab Tsi Piv Tau


sarNie Egg
well, they have dubbed chakrit and matt lakorn hmong title is "DAG UA NIAM NTXAWM HLUB TIJ LAUG" PART 1-7END


sarNie Egg
I always start a new post about New Lakorns...cause im wondering about the new lakorns that hmong people have dubbed..
name the new ones out this year sooo far...or the ones that will come out during July 4th....
The baby is so so so cute


sarNie Oldmaid
Pang Sanaeha is dubbed by HA entertainment---I don't really like their dubbing because they cut out too much parts!
I found a mini preview, though.


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG :woot2: Thanks a lot candylover32. :kiss3: I've been waiting for Pang Sanaeha to dubbing in Hmong. I'm only buying this for Cheer. I want to hear the Hmong voice who dubbing her voice that all. lol I've been asking Hmong company to dubbing Cheer lakorn in Hmong but they never did. This is the first Cheer lakorn ever in Hmong. So I'm so excite to buy it. :dance1: Been waiting

I hope they don't cut any of Cheer or Kan scene out. I'll be piss if they did. :rant: They can cut out all the other scene out but please leave Cheer & Kan scene. :lol:


Gosh, that fight scene in the hmong dubbed Pang Sanaeha was so lame, I have to admit that the old lakorns have better fight scenes. Haha, also, I did not like Tle's voice at all. It just doesn't fit him. Someone mentioned that they always pick the ones they like to dubb. Well of course. But then there's also another thing, they can't dub it without permission from the thai entertainment as well, I went up to one of the dubbers at the tournament and asked why they only dub some and not the others and he said that some that they want to dubb, the thai entertainment won't allow them to.For right now, I can't think of any new lakorns that are dubbed.