New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?


sarNie Hatchling
Been so long since anyone update about Hmong dubb Lakorns! I am so excited that there is so many dubbed last year and this upcoming year!!! I will list some tonight and post some pics if I can.
I seriously can't wait for this year HNY to actually go crazy and buy more thai lakorn for my collection! <3 Wait for my update~
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p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Pictures aren't mines. 

Jao sao Salatan starring Om & Kwan
Vim Niam Laus Wb Thiaj Sib Tau dubbed by HA Entertainment

Lilawadee Plerng starring Tuptim & Thunwa Suriyajak
Vim Kev Tshawb Nhriav Thiab lis mob siab dubbed by JT Production
Parts: 1-8 


Leh Rahtree 2015 starring Ether and Shaun
Nus Nqis Kev Hlub by JT production.
Parts: 1-6
I think someone mentioned that EQ and HA entertainment is the same but just different name b/c they wanted to make more money or something....well...JT Production is the same as HA entertainment too. lol I recognize the Nang Ek's voice right away when I watched Lilawadee Plerng. 

Wan Sawart starring Pancake & Thunwa
Lub Nphlaib cos kev Hlub by Eq Entertainment
Parts: 1-7's always so hard for me to choose which one is good to or not at J4 or hmong village. How do you know which one to buy when you havne't seen it? Lol I usually read summary on asian wiki first. 


sarNie Hatchling
Woah thanks p.Zoua for posting some new dramas that are recently dubbed. :)
Got to get to my list and add what's new hehe :)


sarNie Adult
One thing that I hate about the dubbs are that they cut like half of the plot and stuff, and they're are freakin expensive I could like get a DVD box set for cheaper of the actual lakorn with plus scenes, but my Aunt has a bunch of Hmong dubbed lakorns so whenever I want to watch it I just go borrow it from her store.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
yea it's like $5 per disc or so and they cut so much. lol  
JT Productions just recently also dubbed Nang Chada and Ngao Jai. Man they got some ugly covers though. lol

Nang Chada 

Parts: 1-8

Title: Vim Koj Thiaj Lis Mob Siab

Ngao Jai
Parts: 1-7
Title: Kev Sib Pab Ua Rau muaj kev hlub
Pics by Taj Laj Hmoob Thao FB!!!


sarNie Hatchling
@ erinhang
Pin Anong hmong dubb title was this one. I'm not sure who dubb this version.
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