New Skin

You got 2 choices (Stone or Club) or you can suggest below (LOOK AT 2nd PAGE for the Screenshots)

  • Stone

    Votes: 16 72.7%
  • Club

    Votes: 6 27.3%

  • Total voters


Staff member
haha.. oh dear.. it looks neat but.. it's a bit bright for my eyes now lol.. haha.. gotta get used to it xp..


sarNie Elites
oh wow, i hate the's so light and bright that everything blends in together and looks washed out...but good

Muddie Murda

oh wow, i hate the's so light and bright that everything blends in together and looks washed out...but good
Word! lol It's hard to read quotes from old posts :\ But good attempt. I will give you cookie points...just one and a half though.


sarNie Adult


you guys..

Anyway I want to get another skin ;)

Which one should we go for.. either





The first one got my attention all way until I saw the 2nd one. Just only cus I love green. LOL.


sarNie Granny
I just need some time to adjust to the new layout :lol: and are is it just me , because i keep seeing this image by my login name up on the top ?


Staff member
If i had to go with any of the ones above I prefer the green one =/ but I don't like neither alot alot in particular LOL what about the one that u had on the test forum? That one was pretty good. This one is not to shabby either ^__-" You can edit the skin to put some dark color in it LOL


sarNie Adult
What do you mean the test? you mean the default skin for IPB3? you can switch to that if you want.. on the bottom of the forum.

With IPB3 adding skins is a SNAP because I don't have to worry about editing each individual skins for the mods.. which literally takes HOURS of my life.. now its just click click.

now we can go crazy on skins..

And once the old BLUE skin from our older version is released for 3.0, I'll add it to this too.


sarNie Adult
so love the new wat some catchy skins you got there...even the one right now looks awesome...well i vote my cast and i love the stone one...


sarNie Egg
i really like the new skin. Im somewhat confuse at first at the fanfic thread. But very easy to pick up. i like it very much. To see, scroll to the top and read the red font
I agree! I like the new skin and miss the old skin ahh... wonderful memories. but yes it's very easy to pick up :D


Just plain obsessed
I have a question...Why did the posts I made yesterday get deleted? It was when the new skin was just getting put in I guess...and when I go back to the threads I posted in, my posts aren't even there...


Mr. Char
Dude, the club skin makes me think about gambling sites, haha! I voted 'stone'. This actual skin is good also.


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Dude! I just noticed the avatar/profile thing is HUGE! Minimize that yo!

And wtfreak?! Where is the ARCADE?! The link don't work!

I WANT MY TETRIS!!!!!!!!!! O_O!!!

I like that old-old-old one that's gray. v_v


sarNie Oldmaid
i prefer the stones over the bright color one :wacko: lol...
your effort is greatly appreciated!
im loving it even if its just like this.