Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)


sarNie Adult
there's ont thing i hate about period lakorn, we don't have chance to see monthai shirtless! :loool:
LOL girl! We sure want some skin ahahahah!

:( we're all moving slow pom ruk girls are at 101! lol are you girls losing interest? or is it because I ahven't been here? ;] LOL
Yea I know but I think they spam way more than we do...we are trying to behave and be good sarnies!!! Of course we can start it up again like you guys did last weekend!

its ok when the hq comes in then we totally don't need it :lol: its ok i been busy to with it being wed and thurs ...
I totally want to make a MV for this lakorn! Seriously, I haven't been this excited since JLR...I should be working but nope...I'm on the Ngao Asoke thread LOL!

Once the HQ comes out I will clip and cut and put it to music...I already have a song I like woo hoo!!!

I'll deff share and see if y'all approve :lol:


sarNie Juvenile
haha so true....i was watching one of his lakorns the other day and i saw him shirtless....dam hes got such a nice body! :drool:
yes he does!!! :wub:
haha we just a little bit of chest thats it...hehe
when vee came into his room to give him a new shirt


sarNie Juvenile
hi ladies, i come back!!!!
what happened today's episode??? if monthai was shirtless??? :loool:
THAT would be awesome!!!!!
it would be put on pause for a VERRYY long time hehe
not like a stare at my wallie or anything (its a pong wallie ...hehe)