Has anyone recently ordered from Ntry? I ordered from them last week and I'm a little concerned about their service. I haven't received any shipment email. They sent me my receipt though.


sarNie Egg
I was surprise to hear the main girl's voice from Mayura dubbed for KM! That company sound much better w her voice :dance1:
really? which lakorn?
I was really surprised too! But it's odd I only saw it for 2 lakorns so far, one is called "phkay ler dey" and the other was "mayura meabong" (with Boy). The rest of KM that I saw sounds like sungmeas.

The newest sungmeas movie I bought has new voices...but it sounds like the original sungmeas guy but more monotone, and the girl actually sounds like one of the evil side character girls in the 2011-2012 mayura...

I hope all that I said made sense


sarNie Hatchling
do anyone know when did sung meas change their voice? or what lakorn they started to change it with? i just want to know cuz i dont like their new voice. i want to buy their old movie cuz it original and i like their old voice better. sorry if i dont make any sense