[OneHD] Game Maya (Magic If - Exact Scenario) : Push Puttichai / Jui Warattaya


sarNie Adult
Yeah, the girl is sexy like hell and can kickass so someone gives her appropriate role where she'll shine with all her might.


sarNie Adult
Finally since FF ended, PJ has their event together..I admit that Jui kind of losing some weight..I really like her with straight hair thoughh..
That girl, even with no dark lipstick, she still looks sexy as hell aww
Can't wait till this one has fitting..They always so playful and happy together



cre: Push & Jui and frameiiz_fp IG


sarNie Adult
How adorable they are aww
This vid is so cuteee...Push calling "Nong...Nong" to Jui when she being so excited with fans in front of elevator :))) Just like a kid
She even play peek-a-boo with fans, so cuteeee
PJ is so precious, can't stop loving them even for a bit
cre: push_lover

love pj

sarNie Egg
aww so happy that they're lakorn together again yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love them very much


sarNie Adult
Give them a better storyline :(
I really don't like love between the superstar and the bodyguard :( it's kind of unreal 
And it waste of Jui's acting talent....Her character is nothing special :(
But since it's Pushjooy, I will watch it anyway