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Yes, they both toped their roles so much so that supposedly main OTP Nike and Lily were forgotten. And I hated writer for killing Khun Vee. I wouldn't mind if they give us coma which means they still have little chance. Perfect endings give us satisfaction but great characters has to die to be memorable for my whole life.


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I've been watching Jao Payu too with the new eng sub episode out and OMG Jes looks sooo young in JP compare to LR.. He looked like such a boy and in LH he looks like such a man haha
Man I gotta catch up with LH.. I've been so excited for all the previous episodes that now I'm resisting watching the last couple episodes cause I'm not ready to say good-bye.. I'll have to face this sooner or later...


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I'm so sad that it's over! Now I have nothing to look forward to on Wed-Thurs. I'm really going to miss the whole cast. Ughh, I'm having withdrawals. Is anyone else???


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poobae91 said:
I liked the way how they dressed Jes in JP. I like my guys in suits or even casual white tees with jean is nice.
Yes, he looks so nice in there :) So nicely dressed and I love both of his styles in LR and JP, too.
I really liked his slick hair in JP, hehe :D So sesssi !~


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Anyone still living on this thread? :D
Here's a new MV dedicated to me from one of my talented, beautiful friends for JESPSY! :D
Credit: OnlyMyObsessionTake2 @ youtube


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Skimmed through 10-12 since I don't wanna take too long to share parts of my thoughts. I have yet to fully watch them at ease. I'm glad the siblings were more involved in this version! Sean and Esther along with Jespsy were all amazing at their roles! Couldn't be more proud. This lakorn definitely turned out awesome! One of the best in 2015! Looking forward to future works of them.


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its been days since i've finished watching this lakorn.omg this fangirl feels.  i don't understand thai but i  still watch their vids together such as bts. they have an awesome chemistry and i hope their one of the koojin or trendiest couple in thailand.they seem sweet and close in real life based on their interactions.can't wait to see them in more dramas.they just look great .before the lakorn ends, i had high hopes for this couple. i've watched esther in buang and she's a great actress.she's young yet she can portray different roles. i'm not an anti push esther fan or whatever.i'll rather ship lily and push in roy leh sanae rai. i dont watch lakorn that much since i'm into kdramas. but these drama makes me crazy. being a fangirl seems complicated than i ever imagined. i feel happy knowing that this forum exist.i can understand how was the lakorn going and the feedback es[ecially to a foreign fan like me. well i'll support them in their future projects. P'sean and P'es... :woot2:  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:  :dance2:  :dance3: love the original version in ep.8 sake and kate's scene.super sweet. yeah they just make the scenes realistic.hope to see them again.i'll patiently wait. i also want to read articles about this couple but i can't understand thai so i usually ask anyone for subs and there have some good people to help me out. i hope their works will also be sub in the future :rockon:  :rockon:  :rockon:


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arasucre said:
Here's the song from the preview, guys~ I love it too!
Pro Bang (Fragile) by Bodyslam

Credit: Sendoh rop
 i wonder why dew's song wasn't used in ep 8 scene. but listening to this song makes me crazy. i dont understand the lyrics yet i've listened to it a couple of times and its super sweet. oh my P'sake and P'Kate portrayed their characters well and its one of the realistic scenes so far. Their undeniable chemistry makes the drama fun to watch.


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i went to a thai restaurant the other day and the workers were watching LR. The minute Dew's song came on for each video i would stop talking and squeal. Im cray cray LOL! I was so gona go over there and ask if she would kindly put it on the big screen but then if i was to watch it then I probably wouldnt leave the restaurant. Lmao.


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i really wan to know what was mark prin's comments about sean's photo. i dont understand thai and i just want to know about it as a fan. please can anyone answer me. thanks a lot.i'll be patiently waiting for your replies. thanks :) :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:


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susielollie7 said:
i really wan to know what was mark prin's comments about sean's photo. i dont understand thai and i just want to know about it as a fan. please can anyone answer me. thanks a lot.i'll be patiently waiting for your replies. thanks :) :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:
I think someone translated this a few pages back. Mark asked Sean if Sean and Esther were really dating. Sean replied back that like he said before, he adores her. Well, something along the line there. Someone correct me if I'm remembering this wrong. lol 
Anyways, I miss my SeanEst. I missed them so much that I went back to rewatch all their cute scenes! I love the wedding part, especially when Sake said his vows. He's so beautiful! lol