[OneHD] Roy Leh Sanae Rai (EXACT)


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Wow... i'm surprised when i read all the criticism and how you all compare tik vs push... I actually love this version more than the old one... I watched the old version... for me Tik always hot, good looking and cunning role suit him... but for this role there only one thing... for me he lacks of his loving side... I don't know when he fall for neung... i'm confused were he love Neung or he just want to win and make sure everything that belong to him... will always belong to him. or what :scratchhead2:
but push as Kongpope... i found more loving side... he start chanting mantra of 'to make Neung love him' and his playful side covered his 'evil cunning' intention. at least for me.
Lily as Namneung... aww I love her... she clearly fall for Kongpope at their first meet... she innocent but at same time she show affection... different from Aom version... she innocent that she don't have have any clue or she actually got it but she just don't show... for me i love Lily more as Namneung... She show the perfect reaction, emotion as a girl in love.
I don't know if i'm biased or what. Maybe I'm loving this version because there are more touchy scene between pra nang... or i adore lily and push pair more than tik and Aom...
u guys can call me biased if that so :dance3:
but of course for Luerd Kittaya... no one can replace Tik & Aom. :rockon:


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Lol I'm with you rehann. I think Push and Lily look just perfect in here. But I wouldn't go as far to say that I love them more than Tik/Aom. They were pretty awesome together too.

It's funny 'cause most people on Pantip on seem to be loving Push but no so much Lily but on this forum it's quite the opposite. XD


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mayag said:
Lol I'm with you rehann. I think Push and Lily look just perfect in here. But I wouldn't go as far to say that I love them more than Tik/Aom. They were pretty awesome together too.

It's funny 'cause most people on Pantip on seem to be loving Push but no so much Lily but on this forum it's quite the opposite. XD
but i love Lily more than Push... :whistle: since she caught my eyes in JaO Payu...
when i said i love them more than Tik and Aom... what i mean was the way they carry the role for the first ep... when Tik/Aom do this lakorn they also at their beginning and not Tua Por/Tua Mae like today...
To make things pretty clear... we have to wait for climax... the wedding day... i hope Lily give me the right reaction, emotion because that what always make me love this lakorn... then i can 'full mouth' said that they have done 'better' job...


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phatman said:
Haha. Same here. I never thought he was cute or handsome, so I didn't understand how my aunties thought he was gorgeous. Not until Anothai came along and bam...my man is as hot as ever. Hehehehe.
Hahaha it was the same for me too! I didn't fall in love with Tik until LK.


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:phew:  :phew:  :phew:  fhewww  lucky me i didn't watch the first version no comparison all i know is  i liked their chemistry in the first ep and i'm enjoying it :ghehe: their roles doesn't represent big challenge maybe push a little bit but i think what make my opinion different than most of you is that i didn't follow this thread from the beginning and i didn't knew anything about the story i even didn't went back to read the summary or the previews pages it's like i found a lakorn in yt by coincidence i like it so i watched it :p for me push lily have a good chemistry they exchange the stares beautifully well they made me squeal :lolyup:


EP1 Thoughts (Please forgive me for my bluntness):
-So because I was once a fan of RLSR, and an AomTik fan, I decided to give this a try to see how it is. HEHE.
-I just watched the opening credits, and without making any biased comparisons whatsoever, I don't really like what I'm seeing so far. The video quality is great, the music is good, but I'm just not fond of the over dramatization of everything. I mean, these girls are blinged out. HAHA. It's not only this lakorn though, every lakorn now cakes their actresses and actors with excessive makeup and jewelry. I'm just not feeling it...
-OMG! What am I watching?!?! ACk...my eyes! They're blind! HAHA. I can't believe they actually aired that pole dancing scene.
-Wow, even Neung is blinged out and she's supposed to be a less fortunate hairdresser by the market. Haha. Oh well, that's how today's less fortunate is in lakorn world anyway. Lots of make up, beautiful outfits, and a big iphone. HAHA. 
-I feel like I'm watching Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawat. Intense music after intense music after intense music. :ghehe:
-I think I'm gonna get out of here. HAHA. I'll be ranting my butt off and annoy you guys if I stay here longer. HEHE. Especially at the two rai's, those two gals are really really into it. Much worse than the first two!! HAHA. Oh those memories...you know what, scratch that. No one can be as rai as Gik. Gosh she is soo rai! Real hair pulling and probably real slapping! I feel bad for the gals she's got to "fight" against. HAHA.
-You know what. I'm not a fan of Push nor his acting, but I think his take on Kongpope is as good as anyone can do. Haha. He's not doing a bad job, but he's not doing an excellent job either, so he's good. HAHA. He just doesn't have the charm in his eyes like Tik. HAHA. JK JK. 
-Lily always has that blank expression. Haha. Is it just me who sees it? She's like another Chompoo to me. And wow, her voice is deep. HAHA. That's okay, she's doing a good job as plain Neung. Her acting could use some touch up, but she's doing fine for Neung. 
-Overall, without comparing, I think it's a good start and good acting, albeit not very natural acting, but it's good enough for these two youngsters. HEHE. 


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Yeah I agree that they do have too much make-up on. I think it's the hd thing that makes them cake it on to make their skin look like it is semi flawless. Some of these nangek and praek really don't have great skin. If you have to wear layers of make-up to not look like plain jane then you aren't reALLY pretty.


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Idk, the make up on him just ruin the bad boy effect somehow , he look like a flower boy, honestly, tik truly had that bad boy vibe but in here he seen like a pervert loll but none the less I will stop being basis & just enjoy the show , hopefully he will capture my heart . o' the female lead is cute ^^^ like always, I fall for the girl first haha


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KhoOnxNouxWanxJai said:
I love Mo, but I also love Lily. I think Lily makes a better namnueng then Mo. Mo is good, but her features are a bit stronger than Lily. Lily can portray the weak Namnueng better I think. The thing is that Namnueng is weak from start to finish. Even if she gets up and tries to be strong towards the middle after the wedding she does still have weak characteristics. Lily was perfect for it I think. Mo something about her eyes and facial expressions that would have made her look to strong to be Namnueng. 
Yes I agree. It's not that Mo is plain looking or that she's always cast in a bratty roles but it's her eyes. Her eyes has that wieng look. She can act innocent and weak but her eyes can't. Like in that lakorn with Pong and Nat M, she was supposed to be a weak nang'ek, Her body language and facial expression looks weak, but her eyes didn't. I don't really think Lily is all that beautiful, she's pretty but not gorgeous or beautiful. What worked in her favor is that her eyes shows weakness. She sometime has a blank look though but that's all due to acting, she still need a lot of coaching.
Well enough about Mo since this is Lily's lakorn. What bothers me about this lakorn is like I stated above and in agreement with some of you, too much makeup and too much bling. They need to wipe half off that make up off Lily. It makes her look like she's in a likay or something, doesn't make her beautiful at all. I like her plain look in Jao Prayu better.


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I don't want to go too much in depth about Mo, but I will admit that Mo's eye expressions can be too harsh sometimes. I've stated this in the past already too. However, I also believe that when it's necessary for Mo to soften her eyes, she will. It's something Mo has to consciously work on and be aware of...but if she were to be casted in an innocent and weak nang'ek role like Namneung in the future, I'm convinced she'd be able to nail it.
Lily was a good choice for this role. She's just a little lacking as an actress overall. Like Phatman said, Lily's eyes aren't very expressive. She has blank expressions. Although Namneung is weak, Aom was very expressive in the original...which is why I believe Mo would've made a better Namneung. Mo can express so much through her eyes, just like Aom can. Lily is still new so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I think taking on more diverse roles would help her. She's only acted in prim and proper roles so far. Lily is one of the few Exact actresses I'm fond of, so I hope she improves.


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I'm the only one who's digging Push's playful and mischievous side? I think that's the part he's delivering well. It's mostly the angry scene that didn't do it for me just yet. Lily is good too. And I kinda really like her voice??? It's such a change from the usual high-pitched nangeks. It actually makes her fit the role better....calm and serene.

I will never ever ever understand Tik's hype. I tried so many times to watch him but so far the only drama I was able to finish of him is this one. He's so stiff. And the fact that I never found him attractive doesn't help either.
But anyway na, to each their own~

I'm probably gonna gif every PuLy scene hahahaha goodness I love them already! This is one promising OTP.


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The first episode is alright because I'm not expecting it to be the best or to be the same as Tik and Aoms version. Push and Lily work pretty well together. They are cute in their own way. I do find it very annoying how their wardrobes have too much going on. Lol the makeups issues, I'm still so not digging it. I won't compared Push and Lilys with Tik and Aom although I liked their version better. To me Push is just like Tik.


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ch3 need some rai women like the ones in here and what surprise me that they don't have just one they have 4 rai in a once well lily will face the hell with such aggressive crazy girls   :crazy:  :crazy:
so i think this is the principal rai appeared today 

and these the other 3


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I wasnt wow by it b/c there's definitely something lacking with everything. it's watchable...
Tik doesnt wow me with his acting either, at times he have this blank stare (eyes) as if he's thinking of what he's going to do or say. facial expression is not always there. he's good looking. i would say Anothai was probably his best lakorn too.
i seen several lakorn with Mo in them, I think her eyes are rang (wewl tha- however u spell it hehe) it comes out a bit too strong not soft enough. not too fond of her speaking perhaps going way to fast? she reminds me of ploy b/c i dont like her rang eye look either...
as for Lily, she's okay. still can improve. she reminds me of chompoo. i do like her voice. she does have some blank look at times. 
hopefully, the following episode will be more exciting...


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pervert and playboy , but still look sweet yeah i'm weird :ghehe:


cr push_lover , anne_kuma 


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God the scene when they first meet the acting is sooo fake !! Look at lily expression bleh . Push is not convincing me so far...


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eiza said:
Where can i watch this lakorn with english sub? Pls
So for Eng subs, after I e-mailed Viki to approve the channel, they actually deleted it. Haha.
But we still have a way to work on it, it's just processing. But the most important thing is that I need segmenters to help me out. If anyone is free to help, please message me. I would really appreciate that!


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So basically if they had told Krong the truth about why his father left all that money to Namnueng, then maybe he wouldn't have been such a seflish jackass? lol


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I just skimmed through the topics on Pantip abour RSLR yesterday and here is what I got. (I'm gonna translate what are worth translating. Not only good opinions, of course. There are mixed opinions.)
"I couldn't think of anyone other than Push who is going to act as Kongpope."
"The nangrais are awesome. The opening was great. I'm addicted."
"This is a remake that is almost the same as the old version in every detail."
"I reaaaaaally like it."
"The first episode didn't really get me addicted. But Push is quite good and why is the nang'ek's voice so deep?"
"I've been waiting for this. I like it. At first, I didn't think the nang'ek was pretty but after watching, I think she's pretty cute. I give Push 3 YESes. I wouldn't compare him with P'Tik because he was awesome. But this version is actually really okay."
"I think it's not good. I don't like the nang'ek at all. Push was okay but he still couldn't delete the image of P'Tik from my head. The old version was better."
"It's good at a level but not that good where it makes you addicted."
"Push is it (for Kongpope)."
"Push has gotten better. The chemistry between the pra'ek and the nang'ek is good."
"Push's acting was good. I actually believed that he was really a playboy."
"It's a pass for Push. He was good."
"The nang'ek is not very charming."
"I think the old version is better."
"It wasn't good at all. Nothing beats the old version."
"The Nang'ek's voice isn't as sweet as her face."
"A pass for Push. He's suitable for this character. It adds up to his charm. The nang'ek is okay."
"Push is veryyy handsome, and a pass for his acting. He wasn't good in FF but in RLSR, he's as good as when he was in LNF. I really like P'Tik, but I'm not going to compare it with the old version. As for the nang'ek, I'm not really okay with her. Her voice is deep."
"The production isn't quite good for this lakorn, it's not supposed to be like that. It's supposed to be better than the old one. The casting for the nang'ek isn't good. The worst thing is the OST which isn't good at all."
"I haven't watched but I pity the nang'ek so much by reading the comments here. You should give her some time, it's only been an episode."
"I don't like how instant the nangrais were. It's a different generation now."
"I think Push should have looked more mischievous. He still looked like a good person judging from his eyes."
"I didn't like 3 things: 1. The OST. Nothing about it was good. I feel weird listening to it. 2. The property of ten billion Baht. I think that's exaggerated. 3. The lawyer friend of the pra'ek looked a bit awkward."
"I'm so not okay with this. The nang'ek ruined it. And Note was overly joyful when she was walking in the market. It was rather funny."
"Too much makeup on the nang'ek and her clothing wasn't good. It would have been better if she was cuter and more innocent."
"The OST is a big disappointment."
"The OST is a disaster."
"They could have let Chin, for example, sing the OST."
"I give it a 9. Minus 1 because of the OST."
And quite a few people criticized Tin (the lawyer friend of Kongpope) for his awkward acting.
I feel so bad for Lily, though...