[OneHD] Tohfun Gub Mawin (Exact)


sarNie Granny
OMG finally toomtan is a P'ek! yes, I've been waiting for exact to make him p'ek n now its true...can't wait. *scream* omg noona is so cute, tat picture reminds me of SNSD's sunny.


sarNie Egg
Wow,Exact will remake this one, is that ture?

Aom's TorFun and fluke's Marvin,these two roles were very hot among the young generations in that time 90's, and it was the first lakorn of Aom.
can't wait for this remake!


sarNie Adult
i remembered watching this lakorn when i was still in high school and i would stayed up whole night watching this lakorn and i cried my eyes out. i feel hella sorry for p'ek. i hope they would do good job on remaking this lakorn, but not too sure about the casts.


sarNie Hatchling
One of my all time favorite Exact lakorn!

Noona is cute but i prefer someone else... maybe Grace the star 6 or Grand the star 7, they both are very pretty!


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^i prefer Noona over Grace --- i don't mind seeing KWANG but i think it's impossible since kwang has never act before and ch5 might not want to take the chance with her just yet .. HOWEVER, if they do .. i'll jump for joy b/c TOONTAM & Kwang are so cute together too.


sarNie Adult
if it be Toomtan n Kwang, I'll totally jump in to watch because they were so cute together when competing for The Star 7...


♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin
If toomtan was the p'ek it fine... He was kinda cute to me when I watch him in the pong and vill lakorn. I Very like that part whennat sis and toomtan are meet in the concert. If there a pic too why it I didnt see it I only see the ? in there


sarNie OldFart
Wahhhh. I loved the old version despite not remembering much. I liked Aom and Fluke in there. I do remember it being sad. 


sarNie Granny
Ooooo I still remember the song ...la la la . It was my first school lakorn that I actually like , most of the time I'm into adult drama. The lakorn took place in college . Marvin was a rich boy with a strict father , he fall in love with Tohfun and audition for role in a school play , he landed a role as the leading male. He try to keep it as a secret because his father doesn't like it but he found out ect. Marvin had a brain tumor . Toward the end he undergoes surgery .


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Topics merged. :wink: There was already a topic for Tohfun Gub Marvin back in July 2011. With all these remakes coming out, I won't be surprised if Exact really decides to remake Tohfun Gub Marvin. Aw, Toomtam was rumored to be in the lakorn. :spin: :wub: