Our Second Life [a shot at life again]


O2D [Our Second Life]

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What if the person you love isn't really who you love ? What happens when you have a second chance at life ? Chance to go back in time ? Time to find who your fate really is ?

Mark , after a huge accident on the day of his wedding , it leaves him dead , this wasn't an accident , but a purpose in life . but what happens if he gets a chance to travel back in time to the very beginning . Where it all had started when he fell in love with the wrong girl ? but the girl that was way out of his lead was his true lover . Mark has 2 Months to make the women he never thought will be his lover fall in love with him , or else he'll die completely .

Episode 1 ::

"Do you like this home , honey ?" Kim has asked Mark warmly holding his hand . Marks eyes looked around the home from left to right . It was nice and wide , just what Mark needed , but just a bit to big for the both of them , but whatever makes her happy she's happy.
"Yeah . Do you?" He said holding both of her hands
"Chob Mak tee sook tee Ruk ." She throws her arms around him and gave him many kisses on his left cheek. Mark always loved that .
"So are you guy buying ?" The sales women said.
"Krub." Mark answered .
"Let me go grab the papers."
As the agent left Kin walked to big window as Mark wrapped his arm around her and his chin on her shoulders.

"When we get married . How many little ones ? Huh?" Mark questioned Kim. She let's out a giggle
"Kids?" She thinks "I don't know ? As long as we have enough money to support them ."
"Don't say that ? I came from a wealthy family. Mom and dad will love grand kids running around the house ."
"Don't you think it's to fast ? Mom and dad didn't seem to agree on his getting married?"
"I don't care. It's been a lovely 2 month with you and I know we were meant to be. I'm 24, I think I can control my own life Kim." He kissed her cheek from behind ..
"Ka." Kim smiled so bright ...
[Later that day]
As Mark was shopping for grocery. He was having trouble trying to figure which is better and less calories . He didn't want to get fatter since Kim was sorta picky on size. He was holding up the line.

"Do you need help?" A girl asked.
"Krub ... Poom.." As he turned to the girl , one pack up in the air and one pack down. Her beauty was amazing. He stars deeply to those eyes. He stops himself. Your going to get married in 2 days he thought to himself stupidly . She look way to young 18-20 .
"Mhm... Mee alai Ka?" She asked again.
"I'm....I'm trying to figure which meet is good tasting but won't put weight on me ja?" He hands it to the girl . Who's name was print on the tag . "Mint."

"This one , it has less calories and it tastes almost the same as this one but less oil and fat."
"Thank you ."
"Today is a big day." Kim said to herself ... As she was in her beautiful white dress . Smiling at herself in the mirror. She has always dreamed of this day.

[Marks side]
"Honey it's a hit to early don't you think ?" His parent said hoping he'll change his mind about this whole wedding he's been planning for about 2 weeks.
"Mom , I love her , and I want to marry her ." Mark said smiling and turning back to the mirror.
"Mae Krub, Poom roo Pee gub chan. Poom Ying roo wah P'Mark Ruk P'Kim Mak tee soot Krub . Pra Poom Ying rak Kim taeng yan P'Mark Mia Krub." As he put his arm around his mother .
"Chai ... Peenong gub chan ... Superb." Mark said. [his younger brother is Danny , aka: Bombs brother. Lol]
As Mark was driving down to the chapel where the wedding was held at. He was on the phone with Kim.
"I love you Mark." Kim said.
"Ok. I love you to .. See you at the wedding Na ja tee rak."
"Oh yeah Mark--" his mic has fallen off to the floor.
"Kim wait I can't hear you I drop my mic ..."
"Hello , Mark? Hello?"

As Mark didn't concertante on the road he needed to grab his mic ..... He heard a loud horn beeping and he for up as fast and turned his wheel sharp and made a fast turn down a hill where he landed into a lake . He broke through the windshield and into the lake....

"MMMAAARRRKKK!!!" KIM screamed. Scaring everyone. They looked at her weirdly... She ran down from the stage and out the doors. "Mark , he got into an accident." Everyone was in shocked and rushed ....
They arrived the time the police has dragged his car and his body which was pulled out of the lake. Kim can see everyone trying to help him.
Kim was crying her heart out from couple feet away ? She couldn't believe it. She falls to the ground.
Mark watches her... Watches her cry.
"Honey , I'm right here ... I'm ok." Mark kneels down in front of her. He tries to grab her up but watches his two arms go through her. He backed off scaredly. In shock. What the hell happened. He look at his two hands in front of him. Was he dead for real ? He for up. And watches around him as everything froze. Has time froze. He sees a bright light as it drags him or should I say suck him into coming into the light. What was happening?

He couldn't see anything.. But he sees a person approaching him. He stares closer and closer. It was a man. That approaches him.

Mark questioned ? Who are you?

"Poom Nadech ... " he said making an ugly face at Mark.
"why am I here ? Are you the spirit of god ? I'm not ready --"
"Enough. Gosh. I , I'm also a victim like you. Accept I didn't die like you . I'm in a coma. They sent me down to be your guidance ."
"Alai Na ? Guidance ? Guidance for what ?"
"To a second chance in life."
"Second chance in life ? How ?" Nadech was very annoyed of Mark. Now he knows how the heavens felt when he first came.
"You will travel back in time as time freezes. Back in time where you've first fallen in love with Kim." Nadech said as he reads off of the paper . "because you've fallen in love with the .... (Nadexh reads inside , ) as you fall in love with the .... Wrong women." He looks at Mark with an , man I'm sorry , face.
"What ? Wrong women ? Kim ? This is crazy ? All just a dream." He laughs to himself.
"The reason you died wasn't an accident. Yes you've fallen for Kim but it stated that you guys were suppose to break up soon , but you guys didn't. Poom Kor Tor ... "
"So what am I suppose to do ?"
"I must take you back in time to find your true soul mate."
"What ? But Kim , she's my true soul mate ... Poom Ruk poo young Mak." Mark demanded ...
"Look man , I don't know anything about you or your life besides knowing you've fallin in love with the wrong girl. I'll have to take you back in time for you to fall in love with the women that is your soup mate."
"And what if I don't ? What happens?"
"You die."
"WHAT !!!"

Next thing you know they've dissapeared somewhere else.

Mark looks around , he's at a beach , lots of people , and there he was standing at the entrance of a shop . He remembered this day. The day he fell in love with Kim . He remembered every detail.

"Do you remember this day ?" Nadech asked him as he was reading the newspaper.
"Jom Dai. The day I met Kim." Nadech smirks and got up from te seat.
"Chai , but with the wrong girl." He puts his hands on Marks shoulder and turns him to the left. Pointing at the cashier . She was smiling with happiness an laughing.. "That girl , she's your soul mate . She's a college campus girl who works here. Name , Mint Chalida , 19 years , rich and wealthy like you ."
"I remember her ??? I bumped into her at the grocery store 2 days ago. How's this possible ?"
"She won't remember you ? " Nadech said sitting back down and reading the papers again. "This is the past , "
"So we've really travel back in time?"
"Chai Krub . "

From a distance Mark sees Kim .
"Kim.." Before he can run to Kim , Nadech grabs his arm ... "Let go , I remember this day . Kim she's going to fall while walking in those heal and this is when I carry her to her car."
"But your not here to repeat history . Your here to fall in love with Mint."
"Mai.... Chan Ruk Kim Khun Diow."
"But Kim isn't your soul mate Mark." Nadech told him.
"Wouldn't you want to be with the women you love , wouldn't you do anything to be with her ?" Mark told him eagerly . His gave turns angry. His eyes were furious . But he went back to calm.
"It doesn't matter about me. This is you."

They heard a loud ruckus , and glass shatter . Mark turns around finding Kim was bleeding from a glass ...

"Kim!!" Nadech still hold tight to Mark. "Let go?" Mark got even madder ...
"This is what's suppose to really happen to her Mark." Mark pushes Nadech off and runs to Kim , but Nadech had the power to do stuff ... All of a sudden he tips over all the chairs towards Mark.
"What the hell ?" Mark turns and looks at Nadech . Nadech smirks. Nadech approaches him.

"Number one , you should always listen to your guidance . And lesson two , I have the rights to use force with my powers . "
"Khun Ba tee Sook." Mark got angry ... He turns to see that Kim was in pain. But he couldn't do anything because of Nadech .

As they both walked along the beach , Mark sat down and watches the wave ... he doesn't understand any of this . Why ? Why isn't Kim his mate but Mint . Yes she was beautiful , but Kim meant everything to her .

"I don't understand why ? why Kim isn't my true love ?" Mark said .
"I'm sorry ... but that's just how it is ."
"OOWWWWWW!" Mark screamed ...
"KIM!!!!!!! I ONLY WANT KIM!!!!"
Everyone stares at Mark crazy.
"Dude , stop your embarrassing yourself. "
"Why ? I'm talking to you ?"
"No one can see me?"
"WHAT? no one ? What the fuck. All these people ..... Ugh! What the hell? Your just now telling me you son of ---" Mark was even madder.
"It was funny though." Nadech laughed.
"Owwww!" Mark walks away from Nadech back to the shop for a drink. As Mark waits for his drink .... he stares at the window.
He sees that everyone was gathering in a circle. Clapping and applauding . He was curious and went to go see what was going on. He can hear singing ... right in the front there he was ... The perfect view where he sees Mint , in the circle , singing and twirling around te stage ... Mark smiled from watching her. Her beauty was stunning , she was always happy and smiling .
Nadexh , on the other hand was not that fat from the circle group. He stands there an smiles , he knows what Mark was feeling already .
"There you go Mark." He said to himself. As a person walks through him , since no one sees him. "Hey you , can't you see in standing here." Even though no one can see or hear him he still likes to express his feelings. "Crazy people." As a girl from the corner of his eyes catches his attention. The women stares at him in fear. Nadech took a look around him , but no one was beside him besides himself. Can she see him?
"Khun--" the women turns around an walks away... Nadech needed to talk to her "wait." The women walks faster hoping he'll go away. She can hear him , his voice , why did she make contact with the dead . OMG.
Nadech appears in front of her making her scream loudly and falling to the ground hard.
"You , you can see me ." Nadech said . The women just ignored him. "Please tell me you do ? "
The young women just go up and left ...
"KHUN ---- YAYA ! " the women stopped ... and Nadech walked behind her. "A ghost knows everyone here ." Yaya turns around facing Nadech .... His fear and anger ....


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Hi fantastic hope you are well and fine, miss u. take your time with other ffs till ure ready sure i can wait.
I like this time traveller story, very exciting.
will be so interesting to see how mark-mint will fall in love, what he has to do to win her bcos he is still stuck and in love with kim. nadech meets his match in yaya their story is very interesting too. I look forward to read further, take your time fantastic, with appreciation key


Thxs key ... Yeah the main character is Mark , Nadech , and Yaya bc Nadech will need Yaya . And Mark will need Nadech. So yup. Pls keep reading ..


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Hi Fanfastic
Love the title 'Our Second Life'.
Wonder how m&m will fall in love.
Yaya can see ghost, poor Yaya having to see the dead.
also wonder how they will fall in love.
I love the ff, i love all your fanfic.
Cant wait to


Episode 2 ::

Yaya sees the man in front of him .... She turns around and walks away ...
"Please help me ! Please !" Nadech begs her and blocks her way. She walks through him .. "Khun , you know I hate that ? Ugh ! Khun--" Nadech watches as her back dissapeared .
Mark on the other hand watches mint ... He wa enjoying this and that. She was beautiful ...

Nadech walked to his side , "you seem to be enjoying yourself." Nadech said looking at Mint . Mark stopped his and lost interested.
"What do you want now ?" Mark said crossing his arms.
"Nothing , Just watching you ? "
"Taamai ..... "
"Because so you won't repeat history and fall back in love with Kim."
"but I love Kim , I love her..."


"Owwww who's talking about me ?" Kim said rubbing her nose as she laid on her couch with her injured foot.


As Mark and Nadech stood watching the performances , Nadech got tired of waiting . Forget he'll just use force ... As mint was walking around the stage , waiting for the perfect moment , Nadech uses his powers to topple her over and as she falls right into marks 's.

Mark was in shock , did she fall into his arms. Her face was beautiful pure and she had a perfect skin texture ... Wasn't light or heavy , her hair was thick and soft , and smelled very good ... Mark smiles at her .
Mint looks away from his face , shyly and blushing to herself.

"Sorry , but may you please put me down ?" Mint asked politely.
"...uh....Krub .... Kor for Krub." Mark said sincerely .
Mint lets out a giggle... "It should be me apologizing , I did fall on you ?"
"No , I don't mind .... no , I meant I---"
"It ok ..." Mint slowly turns around and walks but before he did she winks at him , which flattered his heart . His smile gotten even bigger then usual. Wow she was dead meat beautiful . Everyone cheered and told him how lucky he was ... Mark turns to Nadech and his smile went boom to the ground ... he walks away from everyone and back to the lonely waves .
"C'mon Mark ..." Nadech said from a distance . "You are harder then I thought." He said to himself. "I really need to find that Yaya.... Owwww!" He said scratching hi head , thinking.

As Mark was alone watching the waves , in the dark blue sky . The stars were beautiful. He picks up a handful of sand an spills them again .... he sees a paper airplane fly next to him as he reads it "Thank You . :) " he turns around and sees Mint . Mint comes and sits next to him.

"What's this ?"
"Just a thank you from earlier ."
"It's really nothing ?"
"But thank you .... if you weren't there I would have fallen .. The stage is pretty high , and I don't have any insurence , yet ?" She said putting her hair behind her ear.

Mark has a quick flash back. On this exact day someone was sent to te hospital ... was it her that fell off the stage that day ... he wasn't there to catch her like earlier . This all makes sense ... But still , confusing much ? .

"Yeah , your welcome , but it's really nothing ."
"Yaaaahhhh , it's not a small deal .... I'll treat you for it ."
"Really ?" Mark giggled . "Just for tat ?"
"Of course ..... please ..." Sh helps his hands and stare into those eyes of his for a second trying to convince him...
"Mhm ....."
"Do it ?" Nadech said to his ear .
"Will you go away ?" Mark said to Nadech.
"Alai Na?" Mint said ... She felt salty ... "If your tellin me to go away , why didn't you just say so ?" She let's go of hi hands ..
"Wait , no." Mark grabs her hands and pulled her back down next to him where they almost kiss .....
"Ahaha.." Nadech laughed ... "Nice man ."
"I wasn't talking to you ." He told Mint.
"Then who were you talkin to ? Your imaginary friend."
"Hey ..... " Nadech said out pissed." I'm right here. OMG (gives her a dirty look) you act like you don't have one ."
"Nadech shut up ?" Mark said .... Realizing that no one can see him beside himself he shushs up . "Let's talk about something else . "
"Yes . Ok I'll let you take me ...." Mark said.
"Jing Diow?"
"Thank you thank you .... meet you tomorrow here at 6am."
"Krub ..... Wait what ? 6am ? Why ?"
"Just because ...... 6am.." She said walking away.
"Owww 6am..." He stares right back at Nadech . "Really why bother me ? I embarrass myself. Owww ."
"Funny though right ."
"Mai .... Chan glup ban ..... And don't follow me ." Nadech watches Mark leave.


[Yaya's Home]
Yaya is up in her room when she hears something. She turns around and se Nadech sitting on her chair smirking at her. She ignores him and moves to another place.... Nadech makes noise and talk about shit .... She was fed up , she couldn't study ! ...

"ALAI WAAAHHHH !" She said out loudly. Looking at Nadech with the tapping pencil.
"Now you answer ?"
"What do you want ? I have an exam tomorrow morning."
"You can see me . And Hear me ? I jut need your help with me a bit."
"Ok what , what should I say to your family before you leave ?" Sitting on her bed.
"WHAT ? Leaving ? Who's leaving ?"
"You right ? Aren't you dead ."
"Uh no ... in brain dead ,for a year now ."
"What ? Then go away ." She puts her hand on Nadexh , which shocked him.
"Wait ."
"What." She said.
"You , you can touch me ? How ? "
"Because I'm different from everyone else . I see and hear and in able to communicate with the dead."
"But I'm not dead , brain dead. There's a differ---"
"Ok bye ."
"Wait !!!"


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Thank you fantastic. mm are so cute. how does nadech need yayas help will be interesting to know. with appreciation, key


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Hi fanfastic
thanks for the updae
m&m are falling in love yay
wonder why Nadech needs Yaya's help
cant wait for more