1. Lizabetha

    【Lizabetha's World ❤】ツ

    :welcome1: everybody !!    I decided to open a new topic to expose my artwork   ^_^ hope you'll like it  :D Don't hesitate to say what you think  ;) I accept every comment  :wink:     Enjoy !  :cheer: Banner for me :    Banner for Peace :    Banner for AnnTfan :    Banner for Peace :  
  2. S

    Kimberley Ann Tiamsiri (Lemonade December 2015)

  3. S

    Kimberley Ann Tiamsiri (OK Thailand November 2015)

  4. S

    Kimmy Kimberely (Priew vol. 35 no. 730 June 2015)

  5. L

    The Marriage Proposal :Ch 13 update:

      Staring Prin Suparat (Mark) Chalida Wijitwongtong (Mint) Witchada (Mint's Girlfriend)   Mark & Mint's Friends: Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) Marks Bestfriend Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) Mints Bestfriend Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) Rasri Balenciaga (Margie) Nutthawuth Maurer (Mario) Pimchanok...
  6. Anonymous<3

    Vampires vs. Demons

      Vampires:   Anne as Anne: vampire queen; strong; selfless; looks out for the best of everyone Noon as Elle: Anne's first cousin and best friend; strong; doesn't let anyone take advantage of her Aff as Bella: Anne's sister in law; beautiful, graceful and gentle Kim as Kimberley: Anne's younger...
  7. L

    Love Hidden by Hate COMPLETE

    Hi all, I am a newbie in this forum. Been hiding in the shadows reading all the fanfics. I had posted this story on another website so you may have read it already but I thought I would post it here as well. Hope people will read this...sorry if it is corny...   Story Ideas New girl, meet boy...
  8. M

    Another Time

    Summary: Mint has been in a coma for years now. Story is, Mark & Mint were hit by a drunk driver. Apparently Mark turned out alright, but Mint on the other hand was barely hanging in. That didn't stop Mark though, he would still visit her at the hospital, buy her flowers, or simply spend the...
  9. Alice

    Various Stars(PRAEW Vol.36 no.841 September 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  10. G

    For your forced marriage*CANCELED*

    Ok well I've decided and I think my new story that I just posted yesterday won't work out so well, and the one before that is chun mai kao jai kwam mai korng ruk is also canceled. But I'll be trying to not cancel this one because I kinda like this one. So please bear with it. But por and Vicky's...
  11. A

    You make me smile

    Hi !!!! This is my second topic the first one it's been canceled .So now I start the second one called You make me smile .We have Yaya Nadech -Kim mark - Mint is Yaya and Kim best friend .And the last Noey she is a very wicked woman . So I will post more soon ...
  12. T

    Roy Ruk Glaang Talay Sai - CH.1, 10/28/2014

    For Adora, thank you for following the majority of my fanfictions. You've asked me to write this "Taam Hua Jai Bpai Sood Lah"- inspired story for a while and I've been dragging it due to the workload I've had. I know this is not the original plot of the story you had intended for me to write but...
  13. A

    You are my everything *canceled*

    Mark prin as nick Nick is a charming man who been left by ploy his ex-girlfriend but there is many girls that like him except Sara Kim as Sara A grade A student that have never fallen in love because her dad left her mom when she was 5 years old Nadech as tommy A playboy that has...
  14. F

    Our Second Life [a shot at life again]

    O2D [Our Second Life] **FYI :: I will be stopping all activities of my previous fanfics at the moment . I am still continuing , but just not at the moment. Please feel free to inbox me. Thank you** What if the person you love isn't really who you love ? What happens when you have a second...
  15. P

    Accidentally .. in love?

    Hi everyone! It's my first time trying this out, so hope u guys'd like it.   This idea to a FF just got stucked on my mind ... so I'll try write it out :D Samee just ended, and I havent got enough of Grate & Preem yet, so they're gonna be my main characters :)   I apologize on beforehand for...
  16. Sovatana

    Path of Love

    Cast:Urassaya Sperbund as Yaya Nadech Kugimiya as Nadech Kimberley Ann as Kim Mark Prin as Mark Margie Rasri as Margie Boy Pakorn as Boy Ananda Everingham as Ananda   In the past:   Yaya and Kim were first best friends but later, they became great competitors. They competed for everything...