Expired Sarnie
the cover looks fine but she trying a bit too hard with those facial expression. I love her more in smilies shoots!


Professional Lakorn Watcher
hmm..... after studying these photos... I must say... they look quite awkward, except the 2nd one. I'm a fan of versatality, however.. the faces that she made----made her look very uncomfortable as if she were forced to make those faces.

There are some photos that people take making funny faces and still they look totally relaxed. But I give her a lot of credit for taking these photos. Eventhough they are awkward, her beauty still shows.


sarNie Egg
I have to disagree with everone on this one. I'm a very passionate person when it comes to fashion industry and I know the tips and trick. You see, she's representing a haute couture dress which Haute Couture itself is a really dramatic theme. Her facial only goes dramatic when it's close up when she's from a far distant, her face is fine. So it's not that she's suppose to look angry, relax, funny, but when it come to Haute Couture, it's all about dramatic poses and the facial expression are to ugly up the emotions of the shoot. Her facial expressions are fine. You look at Tyra Banks's dramatic face expression and I guarantee it's almost the same thing. So I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone but this photoshoot is great. I like it a lot. Plus, Fashion Industry is not all pretty and glamourous but sometimes, they need to ugly things up to bring emotion to the shoot. In this case, her emotion shows anger, envy.


sarNie Adult
i actually like this shoot alot....i think it's unique...come on we have seen 2 many smiley, smiley shoots and same old sexy shoots so this one is a huge's great i think she's good at modeling judging from this shoot/pics


I'm not liking this shoot of hers much. But I do love the makeup on her eyes! It's pretty hot!​


sarNie Adult
I don't think she is very pretty like in the way of being beautiful, she's ok.
I actually like her, but in some pic she does look sorta weird