Payu's new MV One Kiss


sarNie Egg
i agree payu's mv is very good his dance are pretty decent and he doesn't look stiff like Bie.. lol.. Not saying that Bie isn't good but he's a little stiff on the dance moves.. lol

Muddie Murda

Omg he doesn't look like my Louis no more...How can a simple haircut do such?! lol He actually looks like Hayato Ichihara at times :D *giggles*

Anyway, the song's ok...At some parts of the song I kinda cringe lol like the beginning when he sings with a high voice, like wtf? (Wait, maybe that's his other song lol) And when he sings that "Tur ja mee krai...blah blah" like he just throws it out there. It sounds so out of loop and doesn't go well with the soothing song.

But gosh, it's been a while since I've followed Thai Pop...well basically, anything RS puahaha :p I must say their dancing improved a lot....esp their backup dancers. They're actually in sync! When did they finally realize how important that was??? LOL


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
^^The Song at the Beginning was Sexy Bad Girl...just the Intro for One Kiss MV.

I like totally LOVE this song. ahahaha
Payu is ssooo handsome with his new-ish old haircut. lol
i thought that he looked like Cee Siwat at the end of the MV.
Soo western-ish lookin' too! lol
i was really impressed that he has improved from his first album.
his voice and dances got really GOODS :D
i can't wait for the WHOLE album to come out!
imma buy it XD ahaha :p


sarNie Juvenile
the part where he says

"sometimes i want to dance... dance to forget her"

i was like .. awwie Payu. <33

the choreo in sexy bad girl was kewl!!

it was a great mv. it beats Keun tee neung MV


sarNie Adult
i think Payu is one of the strongest voice out of the whole Kamikaze crew.
besides Poppy, Payu has a decent voice.

good to see him with a new hair.
good look.



sarNie Egg
I always wonder who is the better singer and dancer between P'Chin and Payu. But yeah Payu has improved a lot since his last album. His music sounds more mature now than the last one.