People who look like asian idols..


All my cousins say that my dad looks like stephen chows right hand guylol. the ntxiv ntxawm teng lmao!! ill show a pic when i have free time


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you guys don't have that much pictures to compare....

but i once went to school with a Lao girl who looks so much like Kob S. she was so pretty that me and some other friends (who were obsessed with Kob and Num at the time) kept staring at her and whispering bout her looking like KOb... that girl thought we were talking sh!t bout her n she didn't like us...but later on when i got to talk to her by chance, she was a real smart and nice girl. She was also a fan of KOB

Funny....but yeah she looks almost exactly like kob....but i think her eyes are a bit bigger than kob...she was very pretty.


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My friend happened to see Note's pictures and showed me that I look like her. She didn't know who Note was before...

Here is a picture of me and note..

My friend also looks like Peung!


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OMG, my younger brother looks like Minho from Shinee, espically when he got that haircut in Hello music video.


my big brother looks like tub yaj from nplooj siab khaub lig cua, i didn't notice it at first until i really had a crush on tub yaj and always checked him out, and then finally i was like, "he looks like someone," then my brother walked in and i was like, "Dude you look exactly like tub yaj, and my brothers name is Tub Cheej Yaj Pov Haha, serious, it's such a coincidence. but my brother has a lot of names due to a cultural having to pick a new name thing.