Pho or Papaya?


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Muddie Murda

I love both, but my mom went through this phase where she made it everyday for 2 or so weeks. Kinda...don't appeal to it no more. :D
Just once in a while, but I luv pho. :D


sarNie Adult
I prefer papaya salad.
Growing up my mom's favorite dish was pho so she made it like once ever two weeks for a while, I kinda got sick of it.
But no matter how much I eat papaya salad I never get sick of it. :)

It's really hard to compare the two because Pho is more of a meal and papaya salad is more of a side dish.


sarNie Adult
I gotta say Pho.
Even though I do love eating Papaya Salad.
But I can't eat that everyday.
So I say Pho.


Expired Sarnie
Pho and papaya salad are both good but I can't eat those all the time. I got to say papaya salad because it is papaya salad. I also love kimchee. I love it so much. Chow mein too. I am hungry now! I love Asian food. Oooo! I also love European food too. Sorry I am so out of topic. I am also a sushi lover too, a very big sushi lover!


Staff member
hm .. this is hard .. i love both .. papaya salad i suppose b/c you don't have that boring taste to it ..


25 to 26!
you can eat it anytime with any moood ..
papaya is don't always feel too good after eating it lol well at least for me.


sarNie Adult
Papaya pApAYA tHE bOMB oMG i lOVE WHEN iT bURN/HOt IN uR mOUTH..LoL..


sarNie Oldmaid
golly....i love both..., but i chose pho cause its more fulfilling where som tum is more like an appetizer with some angel wings or deep fried spareribs (i never tried it as a sandwich,is it any good?)

all of this food talk is making me :drool:

as i say this the vote is a tie again...


Expired Sarnie
I can't eat papaya salad everyday but as for pho there is a possiblity that I could if there is nothing else to eat.

But papaya salad is more special. You eat it when you crave for it and it is not eaten daily cause there is special occasion when it is serve. Lol. I guess I can't explain quite well, but I guess that makes it even more special.


Lakorn Obsesser
*Sigh* I had papaya salad twice in a week. My mouth was exploding, tears were coming out... Just what we all do just to have our papaya T-T