Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

LOL, you're funny keke.
Ya I cried like once I think, when she kept getting hit by her fake mom.

I mostly cry when I watch animal survival documentaries, and the animal doesn't survive :(


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heyy everyone! wow i must say u guys move this forum very quickly. so far i love this lakorn and i LOVE kwan soo much. she's sooo gorgeous. i think she matches very well with win. :]]


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i cry when gino cry the first ep. with kwan...that was so sad n sweet...


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^I believe they did cut that "I want to kiss you" part out! Bummer! -_-

Anyway, sorry to say but this is a drama, not a comedy so of course, if it's not revenge then it has something to do with money and the greed of people. That has always been the style of Thai lakorns. Afterall, it is based on fiction so I don't see why there wouldn't be the extreme drama because that is what makes this lakorn entertaining. I'll probably post up a summary tomorrow, too tired today. Honestly, roles like Tor Fan can easily become a target of annoyance but Kwan is doing one good job at maintaining my sympathy.

Tawanchai isn't completely stupid. Well, he surely assumes a LOT but then if you were in his shoes, it would be hard to trust who is telling the truth and who isn't when they're all strangers and Tor Fan doesn't really help the situation either by being the blunt person that she is. As for Tor Fan, that's just her nature, she doesn't fake anything, everything is out there and she doesn't care what the world thinks of her as long as she has done her duty as a daughter and older sister. Ek, the Mom, and Woonsen are people who have always been in Tor Fan's life, it's hard to just one day wake up and kick them out. As a good person, you just can't do it. It's easier said than done na. But I do agree, too many bad guys running around and not enough Tawanchai and Tor Fan but at least some emotions and sparks have been flying but I hope to see more of them two together. ^_^

Thanks ja N'Grace for the summary. :p

For those who haven't watched this lakorn yet, I say, give this lakorn a try. Reading summaries and fan comments shouldn't make the decision. You watch it and decide for yourself. I usually give every lakorn a chance up to the third episode so perhaps you guys should too. :lol:

my sis wanted to see that part cause she's like hey i think they cut a part where she slap him....i thought i was that i was the only one who didn't see the part...but i guess they officially cut the scene off...


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i know huh! why are they cutting out all the good parts????

anyways, some people cried? awe...i must be heartless then cause i didn't feel bad for kwan though...having a mother like that...
haha...i have to agree with aiyaja that tawanchai isn't completely stupid...he's just kind of slow at pointing out who's the real evil one, although there were some instances where he witness the whole "evil" thing that they do to kwan...anyways, i can't wait for the next episode...

***i need to own me another page :p


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I cried like 3 times, not like badly or anything but a few drops of tears.

1. Episode 1: When Kwan got back from the funeral and couldn't find the business card and got hit badly by the Mom. I mean, Kwan's hair was literally ruined.
2. Episode 3: When Duean told Kwan that she was the cutest person, she wishes her lost daughter would be at least 25% of Kwan's goodness and Kwan said that Duean must be the only one who thinks that way because everyone else thinks she's a bad person.
3. Episode 4: When Kwan went and saved Woonsen, the Mom rushed over and hugged Woonsen while Kwan just stood there and wondered why Kwan doesn't receive that type of love too.


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this lakorn is goodi watch till episode 2 and i loved it it's so funny!! wish someone subbed this lakorn.


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When I was younger, I used to cried over any sad lakorn, so I stayed away from sad lakorn or drama type of lakorn for a long while. Now it doesn't bother me, I can watch sad lakorn without crying... I think I have become immune to them. :lol:

Now is more like yelling at Kwan for not openning her mouth and tell everyone the true instead of protecting those evil peoples. :loool:


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i used to watch lakorns when i was very very young, in those time i don't understand khmer but i only watch people on tv. it will be a year in august i watch them again. it's why i cry when i see kwan cry even i don't understand why she did it :loool: