Pictures of your Meal


sarNie Oldmaid
omg, i'm drooling in front of my computer! you guys are killing me!!! i've made some cakes yesterday but all is gone before i can take a pix. promise, next time i'll do it but i'm not a good "cooker" :lol:


sarNie Hatchling
So heres my share of meals and desserts. Some are meals I've made, and some are from restaurants. Enjoy! =]



:wub: wowwww look at all that food. yummyyy! thanks for sharing!

itS aNn

sarNie Juvenile
Looks so yummy!! Everything that was posted here looks so delicious! especially the Papaya Salad and the spicy mango salad

Here is my version of Kao Poon, with the fat noodles, I always prefer Sen Yai or Sen Lek, I don't know why, fatter? lol I use Sen Yai for Kao-Soy too!


:( you guys should do tutorials on how to make this or that YOUR version :p yyumm. im hungry :( i like it with some fried garlic :p