Pictures of your Meal


man the food looks great people.... keeping showing more then spamming please..... Quote in big letters it says " Pictures of your Meal" not " oh spam all u want thread" if u wanna argue, go into the flashchat and do it there not here....

Man i love eating..... too bad i havent been snapping any for u guys to see...... but yeah.... no one tops


sarNie Juvenile
Sorry Lek :]

Lately, I've been wanting pancakes...I don't know why. :] It's a snazzy little place up town yum yum

Dimsum, my second love.

A little something for after.


N i n j a
wah i luv me some dim sum too.

uhm how come i never take food pics? next time i will. but i will share what i had today. don't laugh, it's nothing special.

my daily dosage of Sawollae greentea and foco's aloe vera w/ honey. i actually prefer a different aloe vera drink over this one anytime. it's not so good.



omg wow kev where the hell do u eat ur pancakes? why don't i ever see yummy looking ones around here?! lol and the dim sum looks sooo good!


lately my sister and i has been craving for some mexican food..... so she went out to her husbands friends parents restuarant and yeah.. it was AWESOME!!!!

some taco's

the Sub's they made were great.... looks greasy but that shit was good.. filled me up the whole day :)

Muddie Murda

wow lekkieeee! looks so good. i don't really like mexican food...but this could convince me that it's greattt hahaha

shrimp+chicken alfredo. err wasn't salty enough T___T


sarNie Adult
i ask for padthai with some mix veg and i get this

condo man thought i ask for toast for shaz WTF =='


ahaha wth is that kev?

jojo, nice! lol banana and toast eh instead of padthai.

and loving the picture within a picture effect lol


oh wow what's that? looks good...!

so dessert eh... here's one from me... good chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. 4 ppl was eating this, and we couldn't finish it. lol

and here's what lunch looks like for me ahhhh... whole wheat and chicken, what can i do without it lol.

chicken wrap... i made it haha power to me!

turkey sandwich