Poo Soam Fao Sub


sarNie Hatchling
i dont know, the ending wasnt very satisfying to me, i wanted more happiness, its too little... but at least in was not an unhappy ending


sarNie Juvenile
I like the ending, I think it was realistic how no one got the treasure and how n'ek die and pra'ek became a monk until he dies...


sarNie Adult
I haven't get to watch the ending part yet. Can someone tell me how Pimala die? Like I said earlier, I hope n'eng didn't die because Sonia.


sarNie Hatchling
Aww..That sucks..I was really look forward to an un-happy ending...Because I get sick of lakorns where pra aek and nang aek always get each other at the end.
It was both an un-happy and happy ending, guys. :tease:
I cried, but then the events at the very end kind of made up for that.
The lakorn was okay...but there wasn't enough drama in it for me. I'm really looking forward to their next Lakorn together.


sarNie Adult
For Moilee ... Like I said before na'ek died by replacing her mother spot (being a guardian of the nation's treasure w/ Poo Soam). Don't worry, even when na'ek mother re-born she was a poor pheasant, begging in the streets.

Even though it wasn't the original ending, I think it was an unique ending. I loved how they showed glimps of the past and present when pra'nang seperated (letting go of each other's hand) and then reflect back to heaven where they're hands finally clutched onto each other, never letting go again.


sarNie Oldmaid
wow! i've been busy and haven't been able 2 watch the lakorn...can't believe it ended alreadie..well i'm excited about their next lakorn...and i'll have 2 run 2 the rental store next weekend then...hahaha


sarNie Adult
I finally saw the ending part too. The producer could have done better with the ending parts. It wasn't what I expected. Anyways, it's good to see that they (pr'eng&n'eng) kept their promises that they would be together for all generations.


One Of Kob Big Fan
Yeah the producer should have done better with the ending parts. Many people are confuse and complain the ending too.


sarNie Oldmaid
This lakorn is confusing..Poo Som said the treasure will be gone when the person with good luck come and get it..Who is it then..? I always though Stefan would be the one that will get it since he was Poo Som's son last generation and plus Stefan is such a goodie goodie guy in the lakorn you know..Plus the ending was just there to me..Very not satisfied..


Lakorn Obsesser
I really had hoped for this lakorn, but after a few episodes, it was nothing. I couldn't watch it anymore. The storyline was annoying me and it was boring.


ok iknow im late. but was tua saranyu in here or they changed it? lol.. iknow iknow im late.. havent watch it but will think about it in future.