Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)


^4 sure, it's like nothing could ever happen to her.

It's already to late to make up for Tawan's mistake, but I'm glad he could finally reunite w/his father again.


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^i'm still waiting for the consequence for the mom. she needs a good WAKEUP call ^^
Me too. I hope they gave her the full treatment. Please don't let her die, dying is too easy. I want her to stuffer as much as possible for what she did to she own son and the person who love her son.


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^Me least for Sasin, they found out the truth, and chick shot him...
But Awn deserves the lakorn history, cuz she's so freakin' evil

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All this time I was afraid that by the time Tawan meets his dad again, his dad will probably be too sick to remember him or go into a coma but at least from the previews for next week, Aof will get to spend some time with Tawan before anything actually happens to him. It's going to be so sad if Aof dies. I really hope he doesn't die at the end because he's been through so much and I really do hope Awn will suffer badly for all the things that she had done to Tawan and Aof.


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i like the girl version to bie's song in episode 13. she sounds very nice =0) it's too bad the song wasn't on it long enough...


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i guess, THE MOM will end up not getting such bad torture ..

also realize that the concert stage looks like the same one exact use for THE STAR search.


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I never have a chance to watch this lakorn. Is it good? I don't like sad, depressing story.
Is it going to end soon? I want to wait until it end.


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^it end tomorrow.
is it good? .. depend on your taste
however, if reading what you wrote up there, maybe this is not one b/c it have sad/depress themes ^^


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I keep listening to the female version of the song and try to see who's voice is it..
The way Peemai speaks----- it sounds like she's wearing invisible braces. The way the female sang; it sounds that way too. So I conclude that it is Peemai who is singing this version. Or I could be wrong...


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Oh I need to play catch up... but I don't want to see the asshole Tawan. So when does he finally realize he was a dick head? I guess I will continue it from there. LOL

BTWN I like the girl version more than Bie. I wonder who's the singer.


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for those of you who is hoping bie's mom to get her just dessert, i think you're up for some disssapointment. in the preview, it's obvious that he took a bullet for his mother, for whatever trouble she was in. UH! I think she is suppose to either realize what a bitch she had been or she is going to feel bad about it. anyway, i hope she lost all of her money, popularity, or something. i hate to see her still have everything when was a btich since the beginning.