Question game


sarNie Oldmaid
Korea because I think it'd be great for my learning Korean.

Who is your favorite Thai actor?
So many haha. Honestly, I'm more of a Ch.3 Bias so my first favorite Thai Actor was Mark but now it's James Ma. Hence, the profile pic lol

Who is your favorite Thai actress?


I have so many. I can't pick between them. Mild Wiraporn, Toey Jarinporn, Kimberly, Pooklook.

Who is your favorite second male lead?


sarNie Egg
My favorite second male lead is Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi. He played second lead in 2000s but no longer playing it these days. I was so sad when I watched Sai Tarn Hua Jai 2017 and he was playing a dad. I was like "everyone I grew up watching is getting now along with me". :sad6:

Who is your favorite second female lead?


My favorite second female lead is Eye Kamolned and used to be Toey Jarinporn, but she's no longer second.

What is a drama that has gotten your attention so far this year?