Rahus Lo-Gan (CH7)


Arnus as the villain! Now that I gots to watch, although I'm not a big fan of stefan at all! I can totally picture Arnus as the villain! *HOT* Lol​


sarNie Egg
LOL i thought they were copying yuey fah ta din lol
at 1st cuz i didnt read dis thread yett and i saw de teaser and they said somehthing with gang insee or watever how u spell it lol so yeah yuey fah tah din had somethin to do wit dat so hurmmmm......


sarNie Hatchling
is this gonna start next week...... replacing dbk... waiting for it.....


sarNie Adult
This lakorn stars two of my least favourite actors (Arnus and Stephan), with two of my favourite actress (Jui and Peak)... I really don't know if I should watch it or not...lol

chi chi

sarNie Juvenile
the only peeps I like in here are Jui, Arnus, Thun, and Ae Pornthip..Stefan just ruins everything with his weak acting.


You're Average Person :)
i watched half of episode 1 already and i thought it was boring and confusing lol. i dont think i want to continue it although i adore peak lol


sarNie Juvenile
i'm watching this one for jui but man...stephen again? and not like there's somethin' wrong with that but it's just his acting skill that's too stiff.


sarNie Adult
Stephan's hot, I mean, seriously. I can look at him all day long. But when he acts, it makes me cringe. I almost cried when he was starring with Kob, not just one but three lakorns. Not the good cry, the bad cry ;_;!


sarNie Adult
I just watched 1 - 8 in one day. surprising. lol! I LOVE THUN! usually he doesn't play many lakorns :) i'm glad to see him in action wooOoo.. soo hottt! :wub: jui loooks great in here. and i'm still not too fond of stefan, but hes doing alright in here :) PEAK is just SOO ANNOYING! sorry Peak fans.. she can't act -.- and not cute at alll!


sarNie Adult
I watched the first episode just now, I figured I'd better get used to Stefan's acting again since I wanna watch the other lakorn with Aum and Noon, lol. People dropped dead left and right, there were tons of bullets flying around. It was actually pretty confusing in the first half of the episode..(I mean zombies, what?? )but surprisingly by the end, I kinda want to see more.

It's just that I have to forgive Stefan's acting. He has his moments (leaving his old friend to die, he was totally into it). Other parts are cringe worthy. Jui is pretty good, so it evens it out, lol. I probably won't watch this as religiously as some of the other ones. But it's kind of nice to watch a total Action-packed lakorn, as oppose to the overly dramatic ones all the time.