Re-Life: Promise Not to Love Again (JJ&Taew)


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Disclaimer: I am not a historian, so the story may contain false history records and information for the purpose of enhancing the story's plot. I highly encourage you understand that some of the historical facts are inaccurate and does not represent the real histories of the countries involved. Also my grammar skills are not the best. Give it a rest, I'm still learning English!

Characters (additional characters may be added later on)
Taew Natapohn as Singha Arisa Shueri, Princess
James Jirayu as Zhu Xianming, Crown Prince and later Emperor

Chapter 0: Promise Not to Love Again

“Dad! Mom! Brother!”

Tears were flowing down her face. She tried to reach out to them, but they were so far away yet so close from her grasp. She had no power to save them except calling out to them.

“This is what you deserve, you vicious woman!”

He slapped her with so much force that she lost her balance and ended up hitting the chair besides her. She touched her forehead and winced. Blood. Pain. She felt pain, but it was not from the wound. She clutched her heart because she felt like she could no longer breathe. She felt like dying.

“Please let my family go, your majesty! My family was wrongly accused!”

He smirked looking down at her red eyes. He had neither compassion nor felt sad for her. His heart was filled with revenge. He bent down to lift her chin up with his fingers.

“You killed my woman and my unborn child. You deserve to die as well, but you should live to bear the consequences of your sin!”

The man she loved was beheading her entire family in public for plotting against the king and was making her watch their downfall. All the people she loved and cherished perished one by one right before her eyes!

“I hate you. I will never love you again.”

She pulled her head back and sat straight up to face him. She looked at him and stared deeply into his eyes. She could see his wicked soul lingering behind him. It was laughing at her, mocking her for a fool. The man her entire life was devoted to love. The man whom she changed for. Her only husband. She closed her eyes and pulled the orchid hair pin he gifted to her on their wedding night. She held it up and suddenly pierced it into her heart until her hands were stained with her red-flowing blood. The blood poured out of her body so well, like a flourishing thousand year old river.

She touched her stomach, feeling a sense of guilt for the innocent life that was forming inside of her.

“Good bye, my baby.”

She wished to continue looking at his shocked expression. He thought she was a weak woman. He thought she would continue to obey him. Never, she had enough! She felt her face lit up in a smile. It was not a happy smile. Her smile was full of bitterness just like her life. Maybe he never cared for her. Not then and would never. Her eyes closed. She could finally leave this hellish life.

Chapter 1: Present and Past Intertwine

The sunlight from the opened window warmed the room naturally as morning slowly washed the earth. Shueri opened her eyes and took a deep breath like a person would when they survived from an exhausted experience of drowning. Her sight was blurry and was slowly adjusting to the light. She should have been in hell by now for all the evil deeds she performed in her previous life.

Is this what hell looks like? It is so bright.

“Wake up princess! It’s time for the crown prince’s coronation!”

How could there be people talking in hell?

She sat up on the bed and turned her head toward the voice and saw her maid, Nana, running in her direction. She remembered that Nana was brutally tortured and then hanged by the king’s favorite concubine. Shueri thought to herself that she has made Nana suffer and wronged her, so instead of going to heaven she is in hell with her. Nana was the most innocent and pitiful.

“Princess, we need to get you dressed up now! Concubine Meiyin is already on her way to the event!”

Sheuri felt a sudden pain rising deep in her head. Her head was throbbing like the last minutes of a dying heartbeat. What could this sensation be and why is it so painful? Memories of the crown prince going into Concubine Meiyin’s quarter came to her. She tried to ease the pain by covering her head with her hands, but the throbbing would not stop. The memories also did not disappear. She could no longer withstand the pain and shouted as her tears dripped down her cheeks. Nana saw the scene and rushed to hold onto her princess.

“My princess, what is wrong?!”

“My head...I don’t know why it is hurting so much! Nana, help me. I don’t want to remember it!” She cried into Nana’s chest. “Why is he still torturing me even when I’m already dead?!”

“Princess, what are you talking about? You’re not dead. Look at yourself.” Nana pulled them apart and looked at her lady Shueri, "Did you have a bad dream?”

Shueri saw that Nana was serious. She touched her face and wiped her tears.

These are real tears! Am I really alive?!

“Nana, did you say that it is the crown prince’s coronation?”

“Yes, my princess. You said to wake you up before the chicken crowed. But no matter how much I tried to call you from outside, you would not answer. It has been hours since the chicken crowed!”

Shueri’s eyes grew big, not willing to believe that she was not dead.

How could I still be alive after all I pierced my own heart! Was that all a dream? But it felt so real and my heart..!

She put a hand to her heart to feel if it was beating.

I'm really not dead!

She looked at Nana and felt that she had scared Nana. Shueri took a deep breath to calm herself, so Nana would not think that she was crazy.

“I’m sorry, Nana. I just had a bad dream. Go prepare the water. I need a bath.”

Although the bath was comforting, Shueri had all sorts of thoughts about her situation. She remembered that before she pierced her own heart, she promised not to love him again. If she really came back to the past, she planned to live well on her promise.

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