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Samaiya said:
Anyone follows por's wife on ig?
I do even though I don't know what she is writing. I think she misses Por . I don't know what Mali and her are up to these days but there are so many photos of Mali on IG taken by strangers! I don't know what you guys think but I wouldn't let people do that to my child if I was Bow. Sure she lost her husband and everyone has taken an interest in Mali but some of these strangers are sooooo close to Mali, it's like there phones are in her face! If it's people close to her then they should stop because it looks stupid having Mali do this and that on camera. She adorable but leave her alone. I see photos and videos on my IG feed of the same thing but from different angles and people!!! If I was Bow, I would lay low until this mourning phase is over


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I think that Bow and Mali should continue as they are...they people who are all in the privacy are just ignorant. I'm sure Por's family and Mali know the storm that would come after everything. Better to keep moving out and about bc the public will keep being nosey either way. I don't think I would be able to handle hiding away until they stop bc I'd go crazy with sadness. I'd also need to keep going out. Its the public who needs to respect them and not photograph so crazily close.


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Mali is such a adorable show boat. She loves to dance she's not shy and she dances when there's no music as well. She's just a well loved happy little girl. Bow and her nanny don't mind ppl taking pics but there are rules. Don't physically touch Mali before asking and don't use any kind of flash.
I am happy that bow is not staying at home all the time. She needs to come out and see how much love & support there is for her & Mali.
Maintaining normal activities helps transition the grief & mourning stage.


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I think some videos are just too private....I just saw one that looked like Bow was counting $$$ while Mali was dancing. I don't know who post up these videos but


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Currently watch Taddao Bussaya 2010, while looking up for Punch's lakorns I saw that she did a lakorn with Por, I read about it and sounded very interesting, also read that it was a hit, so I decided to watch it. I don't know why but I never thought Por was a "handsome" pra ek,  I never bother to look for his lakorn but I never disliked him too. I've only seen him in pictures, never even watch a clip of him. I'm so sad because when watching Taddao Bussaya, I see how handsome he really is, his smile and his eyes ❤ , i couldn't help but to fall in love with not only his character but him also. He is a very good actor with a beautiful heart and he definately has great looks! Every time I get hype about his cute moments, I realize he is gone, it makes me cry just thinking about it. Its so freaking crazy, everything that he went through, God has really gain an angel. I can't believe how unlucky I am to never give this p'ek a chance, and when I did, he is gone already. We will never see what he is up to anymore or able to see him with Mali and Vanda. I'm so sadden by this, but I'm glad I became a fan. RIP, Por Thrisadee, you are loved by many!


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I just saw Vanda29 /bow post on IG . I literally cried before I could finish the sentence.
It's a picture of Por holding Mali hand with their backs to the camera. Each with their own back packs.
The caption is Por talking to bow..& bow replying' as follows
'bow, I (Por) want to post a picture of Mali like other fathers do, when can I do this'. Por I (bow) am sorry that that day I stopped you. I will post the pic for you like you wanted. Love you Por "
I just felt so bittersweet when I read this..just feel her sense of pain & loss.

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Man after reading that comment about the posting of a picture with Mali I'm a little upset that I keep seeing judgement (fortunately not in this thread) about Mali being kept a secret since that quote up there clearly shows that he didn't want to. We don't know what's going on in his family or what decision both Por and Bow agreed on. P'Por has already passed, its no use to speculate, to be frank it seems a little disrespectful to the deceased. 


POPE's #1 MIA LUANG sad. I think it's fine if she doesn't want to expose her daughter to the media. She has every right as a mother to protect her daughter's privacy..and her's.


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2nd magazine. Credit for Sudsapda.
I think Bow will allow Mali to act in lakorns soon :shrug:

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I saw on a Thai forum that Por and bow had agreed informally to the editor of this mag that they where going to do this photo shoot when they where ready to go public. But then Por died so bow decided to honour that informal agreement.
Bow is a ex model and news reporter she knows the fame game so everything that Mali does will be very carefully screened.
I am guilty of peeking at a certain other English language forum on Thai ent..and they where kinda bashing on Bow for doing this..I hope it doesn't happen here. I could never doubt bows grief but for other people to judge her about what's right or appropriate for her daughter, her life, her family is wrong.
Just because she's not hiding in her house and wearing black all the time doesn't mean she's not grieving.


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Well, I think it's okay to have limited photo shoots or appearances for Mali, at least the people's curiosity would be addressed well enough and that would lessen the need for paparazzi always sneakily wanting to get a clip of her. With this kind of set up at least Bow gets to control what to show, when to show it, etc. The world can't stop now that Por is gone. and Mali was bound to be in the public eye sooner or later because her dad is famous, and now that he passed away so tragically then there's no turning back. She would always be in the public's mind. I feel that now, more than ever, Bow would be more protective of her child so I don't think the little girl will be exploited in any way. If at all, I guess it's the family's way of coping with the loss, and letting Por's fans cope as well - Mali is a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining. Por may be gone but he left an adorable child that was brought up by good parents. 


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Many people may like or dislike what Bow is doing right now.   
People cope with their tragic loss in different ways, and as long as Bow is at peace with herself and is doing for her family and for Por, then that's all that matter.
Bow and Nong Mali have lost so much, and I wish them a more blessed life from now on. 
At least, Bow has beautiful memories to cherish even though it may be short.
"Better have love then lost than never have one. "  author unknown.


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I did not know they had agreed before. I thought something else