Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)


sarNie Egg
I recently just watched this lakorn and thought that it was pretty good. Despite many negative comments about the leading actor and actresses' looks, I actually thought the two are pretty cute. One person said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is very true. I also thought that their acting was good. All in all, I really enjoyed this lakorn....(I also thought that one fainting scene by the lead actress was hilarious.. :lol: )


sarNie Hatchling
thank goodness, i was so worried that mew died at the end! i can't wait to buy this lakorn, it is one of the best out there.


sarNie Adult
it is one of the best lakorn..i love bie....he's a new actor with a fresh face and i love that,,,...he is doing such a awesome job in the new lakorn with fanng..i'm loving it....tomorrow is the last episode..i hope he lives...bu t anyways back to this lakorn....i loved the way he looked at her, you can tell he loves her but just have so much anger...


Sarnie Royalty
I just finish watching this lakorn. It quiet good, I haven't watch a lakorn from start to end for a while now. I have to say Bie is just so cute. :D


sarNie Hatchling
Damn Exact lakorns...can't believe I fell for it ..... I shouldve know Mew wouldn't have been dead...that was a great twister! I started watching this last night, while reading the first 30 pgs of the posts anxious and skipped a bunch of episodes til the last episode. I didn't want to know ending til I watched it myself. I am glad I did that cuz I fell for it..

I'd have to say - Bie's not that bad of an actor for this being his first lakorn. He's really really cute! Mew - she's not all that but her acting is not bad either especially for this being her first lakorn either. I look forward to more of Bie's lakorns. He's pretty lucky to be a new actor and already thrown into 2 lakorns with great storylines...


Yeah true i gotta agree with yalls at the end omg...they did a good job with the lakorn..and yeah Bie should have Raped nang ek...lolz...just because he tried so many times...he shoudl have at least succeeded once! that was a disappointment to meeh..gosh he was soo mean to nang ek though...


sarNie Hatchling
Yes, I just finished watching this lakorn again for the billionth time. I totally agree after watching this lakorn, everything else seems boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes lets go to the exact website and request for another lakorn with Mew and Bie! I would love to see them together again!


SarNie Adult
i totally agreed with u guys...yes lets all to to exact and request another for them both...that would be so great...


sarNie Oldmaid
i luv this none a lot more than the second one he played n hua jai sila... that one didnt even have a storyline to it.. but fang and bie was hotttt toguther n that one..


Lakorn Obsesser
This is totally one of the best last year!! Love Bie/Mew here... For some reason I made a name called Bew for I have to watch Hua Jai Sila later. Sounded very good and interesting.


sarNie Oldmaid
to tell you all the truth...i was kinda...hecka disappointed that Bie failed to "R" Miew but all those cute cute scences and his face and the ending make up my disappointment. I really hope they will continue to work together.....I also wanna hear them sing together------->that'd be nice.
it's true.......after watching this lakorn...all the other ones i had seen through out this year kinda suck and can't even match up to Roy Adit Hang Ruk(just my opinion...I don't really watch that much lakorns...maybe two or three a year)

hey i was kind of mad that he didnt r her...


sarNie Adult
reading what you guys wrote just make me miss this couple so much!!! i too have the hardest time loving a lakorn and i found this one to add to my short list of wonderful lakorns. i do hope that they pair up together again cause they're just so sweet together. hua jai sila just doesn't compare...


sarNie Adult
i am still on break was just looking around to see what drama/lakron to watch...i am quite behind because of work and school....i decided to check out the thread with the most post and this one is one of those thread with the most pages...(i started from the start to the end to be sure i am gonna spend my time on it) was funny how in the start everyone was dissing this lakorn, then as the lakorn progress everyone turn around and fell in love with it...i guess everyone here relates to the lakorn....hate first then fall in love with it deeply..that is true love there...this drama is on my to watch list now that the respond is to i heard bie's song 'i need sombody, love' before but i didn't know it was a theme song or anything for a lakorn....

first look at mew, i think she is not ugly (i haven't watch the drama yet, only seen her pic).....with a look like her i think she relates alot to us and if she was to stand in the crowd of female stars she would be the first to stand out for many reason....for a person like me i would look at her first and wonder wow, she made it there with all those other pretty, elegant, tall, model looking actress...she broke the trend i would make sure to check out her work... this is one reason why i love girls like mew, rainie and ariel....what all three has in common is they are not tall, model-looking but their talents is the reason they made it there not their pretty face for anything (although a pretty face always help) and plus like i said they broke the trend of what a star/actress is suppose to look like or be like etc.....

as for bie i first knew him as a singer (i travel alot in my car), so i need music to survive...that is how i got expose to bie...his voice is not perfect but a very calm and soothing voice....oh, plus his voice control is good


sarNie Adult
it's me agian....i finished watching the drama and one word, if this is bie and mew's first time as lead or better yet first time acting, they blew me away....i could tell not just them but the whole crew worked so hard and got along so well.....i still don't get all the mean/bad critics around mew....all those critics just makes me love her more....alot say she is not n'ek material, but i think she many beaitful n'ek that you just know they they are beatiful and to beatiful makes them tired looking to the eye....but as mew you have your eyes on her waiting for the right moment....mew has a beatiful smile (the ending scence where she is in the wedding dress, she is so beatiful)...there were still scences she doesn't convince me but she is forgiven...i think bie and mew's chemistry was great too....i like them...i can't wait to watch more of mew as n'ek because she will be improving not like those beatiful n'ek that will rely on their looks....

one more thing that i enjoyed alot about mew and bie's performance is that they are new to acting....they know what it is but haven't really experience it first hand and this project was there their acting was very fresh for the eye, they were able to bring in new elements to bie and mew


takeshi holic
tikklles I have to agree with you, I think they both did a wonderful and for being their first drama...I honestly didn't know that. It was one of the first thai dramas I watched and it just sucked me in, I've watched it a couple of times and I never get tired of it. I hope they work together again. I also loved Mew, you are right about her being like any normal young lady. She had spirit and was a real character, everyone could find something in her to relate to. Now the fans can just keep their fingers cross in hopes that these two will be in another drama together!


sarNie Egg
Hey, for newcomers like Mew and Bie, I must say that they are doing such a good job. There's so many stars out there who couldn't project as much chemistry or feeling that the characters they play required. I've been watching Thai dramas since very little and it's nice to see a decent lakorn in such a long while. Funnily most lakorns nowadays to me seems a bit overrated because of the 'big name casts'. People criticise Mew about her looks but to me she's quite cute and pretty and most importantly, she can act. Some stars are prettier but they just can't act, which is a dissappointment.

I agree with you guys above, these two should act again. Their chemistry is so strong and besides that, they were so cute together.