royal court of d&moo


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Oh my god, that is too cute! LOLs.
Great job on the video Nai! I love
this court! LOLs. Made up of the
hottest people. Keep it up!


sarNie Adult
Here is the final version of the slideshow unless D wants me to make changes

:lol: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVIN' it soooo much. this is way hoooooooooot of the grill. i was totally on the cali-roll with dis. empress nai nai, u did an awesome job with the our grand finale slide. it wouldn't have been complete if not for u and the hot ladies of our court. :baby-scene-pop-corn:

n thnx all of those for droppin' by our kingdom to chill out with our beautiful empress nai nai & queeny jen, hot ladies of the court, rockstur knights n ninjas, our skilful army general n prime minister, along with our fine ass POWs n bodyguards... it surely beats MTV da real world, wouldn't cha say :D

KEEP IT ROCKIN' PARDY HARDY like a ROCKSTUR ladies....d&moo court fer lyfe! :dude:


sarNie Adult
I miss the court. :( I miss a lot of things D by my side.
dictator nai, work ur magic! :) u'll get the ball in the court rolling. i'm always by ur side, i never went anywhere. ;) but it's all nai_1_1 from here :D


sarNie Adult
*sigh* i do sorta miss our kingdom. maybe in a couple months, it shall revive itself. n then maybe, came along the adventures of robyn hood :) or robbin' in DA HOOD :D we'll see how ghetto fabulous it gets from there. get ready to join in ;)