Sanae Narng Ngiew (Kantana)


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I don't think Oil plays for ch7 anymore no offense but I hope Pancake doesn't get the role I hope someone else get a chance to rise to stardom this year
Oil still will play for Ch7... he didn't move and sign a contract with Ch3, he still a free agent, just depends if he wants to work with other companies besides PJJ or not to be able to play a lakorn on Ch7 too.


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basically, ne'k family is those chinese opera performers, pe'k family is rich...the mom and sister are the mean ones..while pe'k grandparent loves to go watch the opera..nehoo, pe'k n ne'k meet n he falls in love with her, the mom and sister objects to it because ne'k is not rich so they always to make trouble at ne'k and her family. There is also this other guy who peforms with ne'k that loves her, but she loves pe'k. So one day pe'k and ne'k decides to run away and they elope. They have some hard times because they have no money. So they were forced to work at places that pay little, I think pe'k mom did something so pe'k couldn't get hired at those big firms. Nehoo they end up selling food in a little cart, but they made enough to get by. Meanwhile pe'k sister who was played by Oh P was constantly bugging ne'k guy friend. So one day he got wicked mad and kidnapped her away to this poor place. He raped her n made her do all these chores that she has never done before. Eventually, she falls in love with him and she changes her way to become a better person. So something happens and the 4 met i believe. They ends up going back home and the mom was still mean to ne'k, the grandfather dies and the mother realizes that what she has done was wrong and she finally accepts ne'k...n the sister was allowed to be with ne'k friend.


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I think Pancake, would match this role too. Problem is, she doesn't look poor or yea, never played poor :lol:


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I really don't see any Ch7 nang ek that would match with this role; My ideas or thoughts of the closest match are;

and maybe Aum
thats about it =.= lol
Bee Matika?

But i would have to say Noon and Yui the most


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I say Noon, Aum and Yui, they can play the role. Even Kwan, Cheer or Mo. But definitely not Bee M :rolleyes: . She'll just come out as annoying rather then sad <_<


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I agree with Ana with all those girl but I think Bee Matika would kill the character


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pancake look chinese most people say she look hmong even my chinese friend saw her lakorn say this girl look like hmong ..... she doesnt look rich pancake just in lakorns since she always play khun noo lmao and never dam play a poor role so its a chinese lakorn type the person match this role for younger is Grace Karnklao she half chinese and she play poor before and she can pull it off but too bad she play nrai


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tangmo would be perfect for this role and plus, she doesn't seem to have any upcoming lakorn!! and of course cee the leading star guy!!! great would that be...cee and mo re-unite!


I say Noon, Aum and Yui, they can play the role. Even Kwan, Cheer or Mo. But definitely not Bee M :rolleyes: . She'll just come out as annoying rather then sad <_<
lol tangmo would be good but i doubt she will get the role seeing as she's not promote at ch 7 (much) i would love to see aum in the role but she doesnt accept lakorn that much :( but cheer would be good for the role seeing her in Tur Keu Cheewit opened my eye more on that she was really good, kwan i duno she got lakorn already waiting to come out now after wat 6 months in stock but if bee m was in it she would reck the hole lakorn (soz to bee fans) but this role will be hard to pull off seeing joy did a great job of it maybe ch 7 should put her in the role :loool:
LOLz, wouldn't it be funny if they made either Pinky or Jooy play? I would be like laughing my head off. I agree with you guys. Just not Pancake, PLEASE...
LOL, Pinky as a chinese person? Well, her father is chinese, but Pinky doesn't look anything like it... :|

Even if I want it, I don't think it's possible...


yeh cheer would be good as she did a great job in weir an pinkys lakorn :p but i dunno if it will be her as cheer hasnt done a lakorn with Kantana but p'noiki @ spicyforum said is meant to me filming this or next month form Kantana calandar so well have to wait ^_^