Sawan Saang [Dida]


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Cee new lakorn with Min.

News Credit to Noiki @ spicy Forum-->


Production; DiDa
Genre: Drama (Very dramatic)
Opening ceremony: (Planning) June 2010

Another Cast:

Sen Nattawut, Jeab Chompoonut , Ninaa Suthitaa.

Thank you for the news kaa. Min is really HOT!! 3 Lakorns in one year, 2 wait to on air^^


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oh wow.. min is getting quite popular fast! she's cute too.. XD..
ooo cee and min.. that's interesting..


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Mint P. guest starred on Wan Wan Young Wan You for Om Akapan.

It's aired already on the 28th of May 2010, if u have obizgotv or thaitv u can watch on the show of "Wan Wan Young Wan You"




Cee looks really good haha. I can't wait to get more info. on this lakorn.
I think I'm going to like Cee with Min.


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Woh someone pls put out the fire! Cee is burning hott lol I can't believe it my two new fav actors co star!!!!!!!


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wow the teasers already out... does anyone know when this will air then? and was that Amy i saw in there too? the one who slaps Min???


The story doesn't intrigue me fully but--:eek: (!!!!!!) Cee is soooooooooo full of hotstuff! xD
I can't believe the trailer is out already when we didn't even get to hear much about it during production. But yayy, surprise surprise!
I can now officially be jealous of Min if there's a lot of skinship in here. :lol:


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Nah that's not Amy. I think u guys talking about Sammie.
This might air after Ngao Hua jai ^_^
So happy to see Cee on-sceen again!

I rather watch his character be arrogant and full of himself thoughout and later change to better person. Rather than the whole memory lost thing. Suck! But can't wait to see this!


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Yea it is a bit confusing i just think they have to much drama that they dont have enough to put it together to make it gewd. i think it'll be a gewd drama. i ant wait.